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  • Not raising your own MEALWORMS? The travesty of it all! 😉 That said, the birds are quite cute.

  • I’m calling the RSPB…

  • Can I tell you how much I *HATE* What To Expect When You Are Expecting. I knew you were a soul sister, and your opinion of the book Completely Confirms It. You are awesome. Rock On! Oh and I love the baby bird pictures. Congrats on the new camera, we have the same one.

  • Call them Ann, Kay, and MDK. Or the Blues Sisters.
    I am loving these birdy pictures.
    2 springs ago, red-tailed hawks nested on a branch about a meter outside the office of Classical Studies at the University of Western Ontario. That would be where I work, except that spring I did very little work, I was so distracted by the parental care and feeding of eggs that became fledglings that became acrobatically-soaring adolescent hawks. You do not want to know what hawk-mom and hawk-dad brought for breakfast. Not bugs.

  • I think you should call them B.B., Muddy, and Blind Lemon Jefferson.
    Or… Hemingway, F. Scott, and Gin.
    This reminds me of when my husband declared we should name any future children Jake and Elwood. “Even if they’re girls?” “Yup… We’re on a mission from God.”
    So, um… Big Daddy? Like Burl Ives in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”?

  • Oh what gapes (“gapes” is birder-speak for “maws”), and what pictures! I’d say you got the new Ann-cam just in time.
    I’m snuffling a little bit in anticipation of your babies leaving the box.

  • Fascinating, I agree. I’ve had the same experience with magpies. Even after they have left the nest, they cry Feed me, Feed me, with wide open mouths when they spot their parents sitting on the overhead wires.

  • I’m just so totally loving this. My life is so dull. Seriously. But really, you should be raising your own mealworms. It’s only right.

  • This reminds me of the summer I decided to watch the sparrows. I was maybe 10, and I hung out in the back yard, with knitting, and watched the birdies. I only lasted a couple of days, but the memory is a fond one.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Phew . . . I’m not alone anymore! Now you know how I felt about Dante, my owl. I miss him (and you too!)

  • Dont’cha just lurve them softy-sided beaks? As my young ‘un would say,
    “They’re sooo CUUUUUUTE!”
    I’d also go for the Mark Bros; using Groucho, Harpo and Chico–if it turns out that there is a fourth, you can decide if you’d prefer Gummo or Zeppo, as they were fairly interchangeable anyhoo.
    (You’re making me wonder why I didn’t think to name the hummer-babies I posted back in April???)

  • If that was outside my window, I would totally not be able to resist sneaking out there with tweezers and dropping bugs into the mouths. http://cuteoverload.com all the way!!

  • I’ve been lucky enough to have my own bluebird motion picture in my backyard as well. Didn’t get anything done for weeks. Sounds like you’re smitten. A bluebird box where you can monitor what’s going on is great…we have a few different kinds…our favorite looks like a birch log that you can pull down and look into. It’s great for little kids to see the eggs and/or babies. Have fun…I think you’re blessed this year.

  • I think the mamma bird version is entitled What to Eject When You’re Expectorating. I’ll get back to you with the ISBN.

  • Am loving the nature coverage!Just don’t let Fox News get in on it.
    And the joint so crowded mom just throws food into gaping maws and backs off? Just like a house full of teenage boys in summer. Ask me how I know……I’ll be sitting out front knitting.

  • Your pictures are wonderful!

  • Loving the birdie pictures! Loving the blog, the book, and my millions of new warshrags that I have stored in all my new felted boxes. I’m just southern enough to get the warshrag thing. Please don’t ever stop entertaining us!
    p.s. Skillet is the best name ever.

  • Hi Ann-
    You could at least be knitting a trapeze net to set up underneath the bird house for their first flight . . . maybe a log cabin style trapeze net? I love the photos – and can imagine being glued to the window just like you are. Keep the photo-journalism coming!

  • Ah, someone else suggested knitting before me– I was going to suggest you leave out nesting material: wool, alpaca, silk, even some all purpose cotton. Then thought better yet, knit them a nest. Something for the little ones to use at college. Or at least some baby bird sweaters and booties.

  • Loving this feathered drama. I had some purple finches nesting outside my bedroom earlier this year and watched them with equal fascination. They took over an abandoned robin’s nest, added on a couple of rooms, and raised their little fambly. Two babies, one kind of loud and pushy, the other quiet and reserved. I didn’t think to name them and as for documenting the experience–well, I don’t have a camera.
    By the by, never, ever take the cat outside to loll on the patio while there are robins nesting nearby. I did and Mama Robin got so nervous she just took off and left her little pre-hatchlings there in what became the lower level of the Finches’ new home. Now I have the guilt of being a robin-killer hanging over my head. I feel kinda like Opie in that episode of “Andy Griffith.” You know the one.
    Which leads me to some names for the babies–how ’bout Opie, Andy, and Aint Bea? I do love Big Daddy and Skillet, though.

  • Lucy, Ethel and Ricky. Fred if needed.

  • I am engrossed in your bluebird saga. How lucky are you to have it all happening right outside your window?! Your photos/new camera rock, btw.
    One of the first summers we spent at the lake (n.w. Wisconsin) a pair of bluebirds built a nest in the martin house in the front yard. It was too high and too far away to get a good look, but I could hear the babies peeping when I sat on the deck. Ah, memories…

  • The bluebird photos are just darling. Can’t say I would grow my own mealworms either!

  • Ok – the question is – exactly what size needle would you need to knit those little adorable kimonos for the birds??? Seriously – although I am not fond of birds – cute pics! But please knit something??? – LOL
    Thanks for all your inspiration Ann and Kay. I have knitted the long weekend of kimonos for a cousin, have made one buttonhole bag and now have standing orders for every other mother on my son’s baseball team – Thanks I think? They all saw me knit one up in three days and now they all and I mean ALL want one. If ever I learn how to post a picture I will put one on the knitalong.
    Can’t wait to start my log cabin blanket – Sera

  • LOVED all the bird pictures!! I spend morning time in my backyard watching all the birds in my Mesquite trees. Hummingbirds too. LOVED the wide-open mouth shots you got! Thanks for sharing!!

  • “What to Eject When You’re Expectorating”? Priceless comment from Christina!
    Thanks for sharing the birdie pics. I love their demanding little faces!

  • I too love the bird pics! If only I could send you all the GRASSHOPPERS that I have! They are eating all my favorite plants this year 🙁

  • My mother has a virtual bird sanctuary in her back yard (and the fatest squirrels you’ve seen anywhere) and loves to watch the bluebirds also. She has a picture window at her kitchen sink and the daddy bluebird perches on it and watches anyone in the kitchen. I am printing this off for her to read. Thanks for posting the pics and updates:)

  • Ann-
    More bluebird photos, PLEASE!

  • I am so jealous – I’ve tried for eons to get bluebirds. I had them once about five years ago and they laid two eggs and I was SO excited – and then sparrows literally shoved the eggs out of the nest. I detest sparrows to this day.

  • it’s been a while since i’ve visited and usually it’s kay who is writing. not that i completely get what you two are up to in this blog–stylewise, i mean. but i’m intrigued. what is really important is that you have this caring and fondness for bluebirds. it is my belief that every knitting blog needs another side. ask kay about this: we’ve met so she can explain. once shared an airplane flight with the woman who ran the bluebird society in maryland. had the impression that it verged on a secret society. marvelous photos.

  • Oh they are so adorable..you won’t be surprised to hear that Britain’s most popular T.V show is “Spring-Watch” ..lots of bird’s nests and foxes,badgers etc being filmed as the little ones arrive.angie

  • I’m a bird watcher myself. They’re fun. Right now I am DETERMINED to see owls, bald eagles, and loons this summer on our first vacation to Nova Scotia.
    Good luck with your blue babies.

  • I love the bird pictures and your commentary. We had a webcam on some of the finch nests last year. Right now we’re trying to catch our resident mama fox and her babies who are living down by the garage on digitial video. You can see the tiny pointed faces of the babies looking out at you. Ps. I love your book!

  • Those birds are so sweet. I have a bird feeder and bird bath set up so I can see it out my kitchen window. It’s one of my favourite things to watch. I especially love the cardinals, because the male dotes so much on the female. He feeds her, follows her around and flirts with her. It’s all very sweet.
    Today is a great day! I finally got my copy of your book. I need to tell you, I love it! I am going to have so much fun with a lot of your patterns. Thanks Ann and Kay! 🙂

  • These baby birds are so cute! I just love birds!!!

  • My parents recently moved to Texas (from Arizona) and my mother has become quite the birdwatcher. She’ll call me from her living room, whispering, and tell me in some detail what the latest crop of birds in her backyard are doing. When I ask why she is whispering, she doesn’t laugh, but instead defends her behavior by saying, “I don’t wanna make those sweet little birdies know I’m starin’ at them, that’s why!!” Lordie. My mother loves birds. It’s official.

  • Oh gosh, the baby birds are darling! I’m going to show the pics to my little boys! We have a bird’s nest tucked up in our front porch… very sweet!