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  • The BEST PART might be knowing how miserably jealous the rest of us are.
    Teeth gnashing.
    Throwing things.

  • You lucky bummer! Thanks for sharing what those of us in Texas cannot have.

  • Hi Kay and Ann!
    I was there too! And I have to say that I agree with your comments about how exciting it all was… but what you’re leaving out is how excited we all got when the Yarn Harlot gave a shout out to you and we all craned our necks to get a glimpse of you! It was great to have 2 of my fave bloggers in one room and just think how much more exciting it would be to see both Mason and Dixon in one place! I hope you do this tour thing for your book. Lord and Taylor was a pretty great venue after you got over the weirdness of being frumpy and in a glam department store with your knitting!

  • I’m SO GLAD I got to meet you and talk! It was a great night on all accounts. I’ll have to ammend my review though. I was up front and had my back to the room – so it seemed to me like there weren’t many bloggers at all when she asked. Maybe like a quarter of the room. Must be you had a better view perched up there in the special seats! 😉
    Hope we’ll get to meet again soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  • I’m still walking on cloude nine. It was so amazing. A room full of knitters. A room full of women ignoring the fancy shopping displays on ten floors below us, just to see a knitter. It was heaven.

  • it is my fantasy that high end stores have departments for us. in france, you can peruse the yarn, fabric, decorating department of big stores like printemps. they sell yarn, fabric, needlepoint, etc. i think that is just the coolest. you are on to something.
    has this book tour spawned any daydreams of how your own could be?

  • Kay, I heard all about it from Cassie, and you tell the whole truth. I love your telling of it even better, though – plus, your photos are better. (But don’t tell Cassie, she’s all possessive about these things. She was particularly enamored of the hot guys serving hors d’oeuvres.) I for one vote for the “out with the perfume and in with the cashmere,” L&T! Hee!

  • Sigh. It sounds like it was wonderful….

  • That really sums it all up. Great account of the evening, which was just FAB-U-LOUS.

  • Even though I’m pretty sure there will be no hot guys serving hors d’oeuvres at Kaleidoscope in Vermont, I AM GOING. Your description of this incredible knitting event sealed it. I am going to drive from Canada into the states to see the Canadian blogger. Oh, the cruel irony…
    Michael Kors Cashmerino DK…what a riot! Man, and Stephanie thinks it’s getting weird to be her now…any day now, a knitter from Canada could singlehandledly transform high-end retail…

  • Well, I am ashamed to admit I did hesitate at the Nars sign (I dropped my blush yesterday and the shopping urge began to manifest….) but the power of knitting overcame me and I broke through to the elevator bank without a hitch.
    And it was wonderful to hear your voice come out from the stage when Stephanie asked if that was Mason-Dixon Kay?
    Lovely to see you again. And at such a wonderful event.

  • …. you’ve definately reached celebrity status alright….and i’m tickled pink!

  • we. are. so. jealous! That sounds like the best night ever. Out here on the west coast, we’re waiting waiting waiting for our turn! How great that so many bloggers were there – 🙂

  • i saw you! i said “ooh – she’s from mason-dixon knitting!” but i was too shy i didn’t say hello. how fabulous to finally put faces to blogs! such a terrific event, we really need to throw things like that more often. especially with cute waiters serving us. that was quite lovely. (^_^)

  • Wow,wow,wow !

  • Hi there Kay! It was so nice to meet you. I’ve been a “lurker” on your site for a while and it’s wonderful to know you are so sweet and beautiful in person.
    Your description of last night was right on target. Seeing so many New York knitters together was a moving experience and Stephanie was fabulous (I’ve never seen knitting like that ~ do you knit like that? So fast!) I’d never have guessed there would be such a turnout.
    Thanks for directing my co-blogger Amanda and me to the local knitting group. We’re looking forward to knitting en mass with them.
    I can’t wait until you and Ann have YOUR book tour!
    Maybe Lord & Taylor will develop perfumed yarn to con us into buying.

  • Call me a double-didn’t-show at a knitland par-tay. Not only did I not arrange my schedule so I could get a MetroNorth to NY in time for the Harlot soiree, I blew off tea with Debbie Stoller (also free! also open to the public! also using china and tableclothes! also yesterday! ) in New Haven.
    Will NOT miss the Mason-Dixon signing.
    (excuse excessive punctuation, its been that kind of week).

  • I personally am old enough to remember when department stores had knitting and materials. Those were the days. Nice quality stuff too. Maybe they’ll come back?
    And yes, I wish I had been there.

  • So jealous! I’m going through and reading everyone’s assessment of the event and it sounds so great. Stupid Kansas and no Harlot stop.

  • Once upon a time, I used to hear rumors that somewhere in Harrod’s there was a yarn shop. And finally, after many trips to London when work kept me to busy to investigate, I asked the information desk and discovered they had closed it the month before. Heads should roll…the department store folks are clearly out of touch.
    Was great to see you last night…hope to see you soon…

  • When you do you book tour, PLEASE remember include Hong Kong as one of your stops!

  • I am so conflicted about making the schlep to see Stephanie. I don’t want to have to SHARE!
    Does that make me scarey? See, that’s why I can’t go. My heart will be broken. I got to hang out with you, Kay. And that made meeting YOU so great.
    Meanwhile: if L&T painted ladies would threaten to drape me with cashmerino, I just might venture in the place.

  • I think that Dulaan bag was the COOLEST touch. I can’t wait to see her! Thanks for the recap…

  • The best part was proving that my blog friends weren’t imaginary. Thanks for coming Kay, I was beyond flattered, beyond overwhelmed and simply cannot wait to return the favour when you hit the road.
    (PS. I also liked it when the L&T people kept saying “what do you do for a living?” The looks on their faces with I said (with utmost confidence) “Knit” was staggering.)

  • Thanks for the wonderful recap of the evening. You definitely captured the enthusiasm and excitement we were all feeling. And that’s my green Clapotis in your picture – thanks for making it feel special!

  • Jealous. Very. Must go buy yarn to soothe myself.

  • The Harlot must be so busy she hasn’t had a chance to post this weekend. She must be having a great time in NYC. Reading this posting was as entertaining and educating. Thanks.
    I got my fix of reading two blogs in one.
    I really enjoy this blog…. looking forward to the hard copy.

  • AWWWWWW, I’m breathlessly back from a whirlwind trip to the Piedmont and I’m NOT talking about the Italian one. Twentieth college reunion . . . but more on that later.
    Jeepers it sounds like an amazing hootenanny in New York. Sick to have missed the sight of an auditorium full of unabashed knitting in public. Sicker not to have been unabashedly knitting in public with you all.
    Stephanie’s tour makes a great travelogue, a regular de Tocqueville of North American fiber arts. Except that de Tocqueville probly couldn’t crank a sock on the road.

  • This is my first visit since I heard about Mason-Dixon at the Harlot event last week! I love the concept and am adding you gals to my daily reads. Great reivew of the event–i can’t believe i forgot to mention the cute boys in my report! Thanks so much 🙂

  • Kay – so good to see you, so sorry to have been on overload and unable to form full sentences.
    I loved hearing your voice float down from the side stage – did I tell you that already? I can’t remember anymore to whom I have said what or heard what or anything.
    You hit the nail on the head when you said it made you proud to be even a fraction as crazy about knitting. Me too.

  • OK – I’m old enough to remember Bambergers before they became part of Macys – and remember the fabric department in there. I don’t remember a department store with yarn in it though….
    I missed the Harlot at Knit Happens – but hope to find her at MD S&W this weekend! Looks like a great time was had by all in NYC!

  • Being out in California, after moving from Michigan in 1980…The Broadway used to have a whole needlework department. Right after my first baby was born I picked up the ‘Quiet down dust….I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep” crewel kit. That has been up on my walls now for 24 years. It says it all. In high school, we went to Penny’s and Sears to buy fabric and yarn for school clothes. And the malls all had more than one fabric store, too!

  • I am SO UPSET that I had to miss this awesome event to go up to Boston. Despite that fact that my trip yielded a house and a job, I really wish I could have been with all the fabulous knitters and the amazing Stephanie.