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  • Brava!

  • Although I fail to see the problem with the first, I can absolutely see how the second is more “rag-rug-y”. Congratulations on solving the problem!

  • I think it’s wonderful and I may finally have to get around to making one for my bathroom. I’ve been cutting old blue jeans and khakis into strips for years now! Your rag balls are still cooler than mine though!

  • I SO want to make one of these rugs for the kitchen of my house that we will be moving into this summer. (yea!) I’m glad, though, that I haven’t done it yet, because I’m sure I would be just a bugged about the whipstitched strips as you! I just LOVE the blue rag strips. BTW, how DO you make your own rag strips, anyone know???

  • Absolutely SO worth it!
    And you may want to use that dimensional thing in some other project some day, too.

  • Love the rug — do you know about the hint for 3-needle bind off that has you transfer the stitches onto smaller size needles? Before binding off, just slip big needles out, slip little needles in — gives more wiggle room for the third needle — and WHEN can we expect the new book???

  • All frustration taken into account .. it looks fabulous!

  • This is so beautiful! Every time you show it I think I need to make a blanket version in silk with shredded indigo sari’s. It’s a beautiful design.

  • Looks great. And thanks Annhb, I have that sari yarn and think it would be great for this.

  • You are going to cro-Kay around the edge, or even crochet around the edge. Right? It will be so painful but so awesome.
    Just saying.
    xo Kay

  • visual archive sidebar brought to you by Carl Sagan. Or the Hubble telescope. freaky eggs! entire cosmos of colour!

  • I’m just about to start mine, thanks for this Ann! You started a great relationship between me and Elmore:)

  • That works. nicely.

  • How exactly do you make a rag ball, I get the cutting 1″ strips of old stuff but how does it all become connected? I really wanted to make this rug out of the book but short of sewing all the strips together i was lost.

  • Have been feeling under the weather the last few days. Entered a post last night which did not take for some reason. Just want to say how much I like your new Tailgate Rag Rug, and have been knitting one “vicariously” through your reports and pix. Thanx.
    Knit On!