Shawls and Cardigans, and Shawls That Could Be Cardigans If They Just Had a Little Ambition

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  • Seriously, Jill, you are brilliant! I love your conversion.

    • Thanks but no brilliance needed, just a simple change :))

  • Wow! It’s stunning! I love it.

    • Thank you!

  • This is cool! I wonder if you could also make a shield shaped shawl first, and then carefully snip a few stitches and pick up to make afterthought sleeves.

    • You could with a different construction, doing that here would give you horizontal armholes vs vertical. It would also mean garter in the round & I think this garment needs the seams for structure but that’s just my two cents & worth exactly what you paid for it 😉

  • It looks like a knitted version of Molly Weasley’s sweater ! ! !

  • THIS IS EVERYTHING! I could never do this! But I WANT THAT! Oh no! I may have to figure this out!

  • I have been pinning large rectangular shawls with sleeves. I need to try this, as well as with the hap shawl. Thanks.

  • Fascinating from beginning to end.

  • I totally love this! I love the way I look, and I love and admire the improvisational effort that went into it. I will dream about this for a while, and ultimately, I lnow that i will have to try it. Will there ever, perhaps, be a schematic?

    • There is a schematic in the original Hansel pattern, I just sketched over that & you could too w the numbers above. 🙂

      • If you and Gudrun could collaborate, I think this would be a really popular full pattern release!

  • That is stunning!!

  • I have made three Hansels. This may be the fourth version. Brilliant and beautiful.

  • I made two Hansel shawls last year. Now I need a beautiful hansel sweater too. Thank you for sharing.

  • Love it! Gorgeous! While I often think I should do mods like this, or design my own sweater, this article explains exactly why I shawl-al continue to buy sweater patterns. Now, if I could just get myself to knit them! I’m stuck in shawlette/shawl-land. It’s not a bad place to be stuck.

  • Beautiful, and so very clever! I also love color detail in the sleeves!

  • This question has befuddled me for ages & since I’ve never seen them IRL together… can someone explain the difference between Lopi yarn and Jamieson’s Shetland? (Also, if you think this belongs in the Lounge instead of here, just let me know. I keep forgetting to ask in there).

    • lopi is single ply from Iceland, Jamieson’s is plied from Ireland

  • Brava !!!!

  • As the kids say – asdfghjkl!! Which I’m pretty sure translates into ‘I must have knit want.’

  • Easy for u to say! It’s fab

  • love it!

  • WOWZA, this is amazing work of art. I want to buy a kit and make one just like yours, Jill

  • Sheer genius, thank you so much! I have the Hansel pattern and a completely beyond SABLE J&S jumperweight collection (they’re precious jewels, not “stash”) I just need to get a creative buzz on, but this maybe my Woolfest finery this year. You guys in the US have Rhinebeck at the best time of year, but trust me when I say that Woolfest in late June over here in the Lake District can be either melt-your-bum (you would say “ass”) hot under the tin roof or freeze your *insert your own expletive* off. The tin roof also makes conversation a tad trying with hailstones the size of babies heads, but hey, it’s a Woolfest and it’s real and original. Anyone planning a trip this year from MDK villa, perhaps we could meet up? It’s on Friday 23rd and Sat 24th June near Wordsworth land at Cockermouth.

  • First of all, as a math teacher, I love how you have inspired others to just design and produce. Second I love the colors. And third, this is a definite Rhinebeck Sweater! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! I’ll come by and visit on Sunday at MS&W.

  • Please, join venture with Gudrun and bring us a written pattern for this!! It’s lovely!!!

    • Gudrun & I have talked about it & this is what we decided on 🙂 All you need to do is follow the step by step.

  • Absolutely brilliant.