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  • Welcome back Ann! Gorgeous ribbing, and you can’t stop, can you? I swore off Suzani for a week, having compulsively churned out 10″ in alarmingly short order, and the minute the sentence was up I was sneaking in another row while my son was getting his PJs on. I still can’t get over how much the colors change when they knit up.
    Trust me, Disney cruise is the way to go. All the Disney, without the craziness. My kids (remember one christened it the “Dark Magic Kingdom” after our experience there) had to pried off the Disney boat with a crowbar, and the same was nearly true for the grownups…

  • Your multicolor ribbing is truly fantastic! I love the colors.

  • Oooh, nice ribbing. I find Courrogated Ribbing to be a big ol’ pain in the butt, AND enjoy it anyway.
    I don’t know why, really.
    Best not to find out….

  • Even the famous Wendy finds the corrugated ribbing a pain.It does look good though ! Once you get into the ‘real’ fair isle you’ll be flying. ;-]

  • Next time the Disney-bug strikes, go to EuroDisney, duimp the kids there with “Boss-man Dad” and take the TGV into Paris and enjoy yourself there, far more grown-up.
    Nice ribbing! I myself have kept my Starmore in its bag, waiting for the last skeins of yarn. And believe me, I’m tempted, tempted, tempted. Instead I knit Afghan squares too. Remember my bright Italian acrylics?

  • Ann–I’d like you to make me a log cabin blanket in that colorway. When you’ve got a minute.
    Did you not even SWATCH me an afghan square?
    Still reeling about ‘DAD is the boss of me.’ Reminds me of the time, pre-kids-of-our-own, when we were babysitting a 6 year old boy overnight. He wanted to do something which I can no longer recall; Hubby wanted to do it too. I persuaded Hubby it was not a good idea, Hubby agreed, and Justin tearfully stomped off, wailing, ‘Men are always supposed to win!’ Only 6, and with one remark he cut both of us to the quick! If it’s any comfort to you, Justin is now 17, he’s not a sexist, and he’s a great young man.
    Glad you’re back. Note that I did not hog the blog while you were away. Too busy sorting afghan squares! xox Kay

  • Beautiful ribbing! The colors are simply fantastic. What fabulous vacation knitting; so is it too soon to ask where Clif made his declaration?

  • Your Starmore ribbing is gorgeous-and so neat! I’ve just made my first sweater with corrugated ribbing, and I’ve not decided if I like it – I had a little trouble along the way, you see. I did the cuffs first, on DP needles, and I had no tension problems, it was smooth and colorful. The sweater is a cardigan and they called for the body to be knit back and forth. I cast on, worked it, and after I had about 5 rows it started to smooth out, and I could see the first 2-3 rows were curling. I did not rip it out, I hope it blocks well. Do you have any hints on making the tension work better at the beginning? I don’t usually have this sort of problem.
    sorry for the long post, I’m just looking for some guidance! THANKS!! (love the blog, I read it every time I log on)

  • Ann, I love those colours and also those for Kay’s new log cabin. Sassy looks great, so does Mary Neal’s gem of a sweater! MDK just never stops to inspire.