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  • Cringing, hon’, over the ankle visions. You paint a grisly picture. Sure glad you’re not hooked up to an I/V about now. Apron thought: dishcloths as pockets? Off to check on the August theme, as I too aspire to apron-making ~

  • Oh ick. Glad you’re doing better.
    I found a picture of your book and put it up on my blog. It looks so fabulous–like a wonderful cookbook. I can’t wait to get my greedy hands on it.

  • May be time to knit yourself a pair? So, so sorry. That completely sucks.
    Hope the Keflex is working – KEEP OFF OF IT!

  • Good grief ! Will you please take care of yourself. Nothing wrong with eating fast food off paper plates in times of need.
    SIT DOWN and knit !

  • Ah city grunge – no one really knows it until you live there. Dangerous stuff.
    Is that your pattern for the dishcloth? Would love to try it.

  • My latest unreasoning fear:
    Necrotizing Fasciitis
    Be careful out there.

  • Oh, jeez, I just did that with both heels, fortunately, no infection.
    Kay, I finally remembered to look at “Making Fiends”. You’re right–it’s wonderful. I went ahead and purchased the DVD–it has some fun extras and I want to support it. The commentaries are as funny as the episodes. Plus, I want to get a screen grab of Charlotte bringing Giant Kitty the giant ball of yarn.

  • Did you know the folks at Peaches and Creme have a Pink Lemonade colorway? I used to have an extra cone of the 8ply around here somewhere…
    Sorry about your heel. I can’t believe the Neosporin didn’t do the trick. I put that stuff on Everywhere Just In Case.
    I’m looking forward to your adventures in pottery. Don’t forget to give throwing at the wheel a spin (so to speak).
    Love “curious” in your subtitle and all its connotations!
    Waiting for April, xo, c.

  • carrie has inherited that artsy-craftsy flair….i foresee a treasure trove of creative heirlooms in your future. ….sounds like exercise is dangerous to your health…be careful out there!

  • Sorry about your health issues, but am so glad that you seem to be doing better. Oy! is right!
    Love your washcloths. I think I feel a little washcloth knitting coming on, but I am supposed to be in a No Knitting Zone right now. Those post-vacation chores have to get finished. OK, I’ve been good today; so, maybe a little knitting would be a nice reward.
    Happy knitting,

  • ouch! I like my broadripple socks, made in Cascade Fixation, for hard workouts – they soak up the sweat, breath and protect my toes at the same time. Good luck with the traditional medicine path, I’ll be waiting for updates on how much knitting you can milk out of this!

  • Kay I am so glad the Keflex is working! Good for you to want to go to the Gym but Hon I have to tell you there are better ways to get out of it! 🙂
    I hope you enjoy the pottery. I am a potter first and a knitter second ( in terms of learning) I love pottery and I just was telling a friend of mine that knitting is like pottery to me. I can go into my own little world andstay there as long as I need to the BIG difference is that Knitting can go with me! I love the mud and I will always love mud but it just dosen’t travel well!
    Remember when you start if you want perfection go to Pier One

  • It’s ok, we’re all a little less educated about Recognizing Signs of Infection than we should be. I cheerfully allowed my knee to swell and turn all kinds of red for a few weeks last summer. It took shivering through a 90 degree day to bring me, my fever, and my festering spiderbite all to attention (I heart the Keflex!). At least now I know what “necrotic” means.

  • thank god the Keflex is working! my husband is doing 6 weeks of IV antibiotics (Nafcillin) for an infection that required surgery (from a previous surgery, no less) and it looks like 6 weeks of constant debillitating nausea. kind of makes you think…
    nice dishrags, btw!

  • I’ve been thinking I need to make some bibs by sewing long ribbons on to dishtowels, but I’ve also been thinking if I wait just a *leetle* longer, my kid will no longer need a bib. Fingers crossed. Your towel is gorgeous, so are your dishcloths, I hope your ankle is soon gorgeous, too. OUCH!

  • Thanks for the advice of never underestimating those heels or other parts of the foot for the matter. I once had a giant blister on my ankle; apparently I got burnt by the hot water bottle under my blanket. It was so huge, it burst and there was a mild infection. After discovering knitted socks, I didn’t have to use the hot water bottle anymore last winter.

  • I really like that dishcloth pattern – did you create it or is it one that you can share or we can get the resource for?

  • wow-okay, i’m not going to let you off the hook here. I’ll be waiting for that apron-he-he.

  • Hello,
    Artistic vision, always a troublemaker. The fabric will make a great apron one day. And Carrie’s ceramic skills are amazing — my son has done several clay camps, and when we had to pack up precious items in the house this spring, he had a box or two to himself! I love it when they get so keen on doing something right… working away, little noses to the grindstone…. and to make a needle holder for mom, that’s so great!
    Can we see the finished Kiri??

  • Glad to hear the keflex is working – IV anti-biotics are grim – not only is the IV-bit usually forced into your hand such that it’s bruised & therefore knitting impossible for weeks (2 anyway…) but the drugs bit make you feel so grot too.
    Nice pink lemonade ideas though!

  • There you go, you see, going to the gym is Bad For Your Health. So glad it’s all non-infectious now. Shouldn’t every Domestic Goddess have matching dishrags? You are leading the way. Nigella will be petitioning you to knit some for her next… x x x

  • Yeeeeouch. Feel better…and seriously consider No, Gym, Yes, Socks…either that or a new pair of sneakers…

  • I can’t help but point out that the Manolo warned about the hazards of flip-flops just last week…
    Glad your foot is better!

  • Kay, add mine to the pile of foot sympathy.
    My two pairs of summer shoes went simultaneously kaput last week and I’ve been alternating breaking in three new pairs & your story is a good reminder to keep washing and keep rotating all those bandaids. You are saving others from your terrible fate by sharing your story.
    But I have to ask: what’s with the “unearthing” of kitchen cotton? I thought your bounty of kitchen cotton was too large to be HIDING? I suppose it could have been under the denim, though…

  • Socks are SO important. I’m so sorry about your heel.
    On the apron, I love the theme of the month idea, but so am not able to sew an apron. Your post gave me an idea that we should host a dishcloth of the month theme, or an afghan square of the month theme, and have a gallery of what people come up with. Particularly if we did the latter, after a year a knitter would have enough squares for a baby blanket.
    And BTW, thanks to your blog I sent out my entry to the Oregon State Fair today. Yikes.

  • Try the Wright Sock. (like the brothers) They are a double layer sock . Best socks for sports I’ve ever found. These Hungarain legs/feet really put them to the test too. You wont get blisters even though you might think two socks in one would foster them. Nope. THey work like a gem.

  • Poor Kay…glad you’re feeling better! Stay off that foot and order in!!! 🙂

  • eek- reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine after a ski weekend- except she ended up in hospital and a week off work.
    You should pick up yourself a nice, cheap, basic sewing machine to aid your dressmaking fancies!

  • I’d love a pointer to your dishcloth pattern if it’s freely available. Those came out great!

  • i’m normally a lurker. such beautiful stuff you and ann show us all. but i had to come up and comment on your poor ankle problem. so glad you took care of that quickly and that the kelfex worked. i suffered a similar fate but i wasn’t as quick to act. i ended up spending 5 days at the hospital and now have one “cankle” and one normal ankle.
    hope the foot feels better soon.