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  • Without refueling? I’m not sure if you mean the car, the tummy, or the caffeine, but it’s hard to find a Starbucks McD Exxon combo away from the freeway.
    Good luck!

  • I didn’t even notice the hair, but then my hair hears the weather forecast on the television and starts reacting, so I have become oblivious.
    Loved the podcast though. It is such a joy to hear you two banter back and forth. You put everyone at ease from the beginning and the humor.
    Merry Christmas to you both and have a wonderful Holiday Season with your families!

  • It’s very kind of you to share the hair shame, but compared to mine, your hair did not MOVE. It did not impair a view of your HEAD.
    My theory is that there was a hurricane at Rhinebeck, and you were sitting in the eye.
    Moving on. At least we had fun!
    xox Kay

  • So sorry there wasn’t a can of Aqua-Net in my bag that afternoon….

  • Ha! How *do* you avoid Woodmont and 440? –a curious Nashvillian

  • Dippity-do, indeed. Now that is a true blast from the proverbial past. Do they even make that stuff any more?

  • Totally with you on the Christmas errand running! I’ve got the tour of local Gamestops, Best Buys, and Targets mapped out with the least amount of left turns possible (because, in NJ, of course, we don’t turn left; we turn right 3 times instead. What’s up with that? I swear, if the taxes don’t drive us out of this state someday, the jug handles might.)
    I finally got the elusive item today so I can actually get some other things done for a change. Like knit, and watch those interviews you linked.
    Merry Christmas!

  • The hair is TOTALLY just an effect of the lighting. But your legs look fabulous!

  • Good luck with those road challenges. Nashville–it’s a driver’s paradise.

  • Sounds like my week! Without refueling…and while carrying the gnome all the way to the pit stop?!?!

  • The Christmas Crazies have struck again.I just realized that it is Thursday.The DH is working a double, so I have to dig out,clean up and deliver the boat motor he just sold. The good thing is it has been in the corner of my kitchen for the last ten years.That is an example of the crazies. As for your hair,try to get a preview, so you can check your hair on screen. It is amazing the way things come out in photos and on video that look OK to the naked eye. I guess we just filter them out because we are used to seeing them. Happy Holidays,I’m about to measure the space to see if a spinning wheel will fit as in the boat motor alcove.Need to reclaim my space.

  • Love the Amazing Race reference. That is just what it is to leave the house and go ANYwhere right now. Happy Christmas!

  • Loved the interview. Ann, Kay, your hair looks NATURAL, darlings! Not a thing wrong with that. The wind blows real hair and won’t blow Barbie’s. You looked and sounded great!

  • Great interview. My hair always looks like that – is that wrong? Thanks for the little, tiny hints about the upcoming book. I have some linen in my stash that I may have to keep on hand until Sept. 08.

  • You can definitely do that trip! Harding is your friend, as I recall; then Armory Drive to 100 Oaks. My shopping is done (gloat, gloat) — the wrapping is yet to happen, but the shopping is done. Joy to all!

  • I personally have a mild obsession with the idea of backtracking that overrules any logic of not wanting to drive down a narrow-ish road that is WAY too overfilled with cars. I couldn’t even read the rest of your post, “but why,” I think,”would you go another way?” and just stop there. It is such a pleasingly direct shot that I always have a little squeal of delight when I get to do it (or I do whenever I am back in Nashville). Except then I sit in traffic and have to take deep breaths, drink coffee, listen to NPR while thinking about how I am not backtracking at all! I have no eccentricities.

  • Really? Avoiding Woodmont? Egad. I suppose you *could* go other ways, but I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t involve either West End/Berry Hill/Hillsboro Pike, and those are ten times worse. Or else so many doglegs and crazy turns that you probably lose more time than the other way.
    Hey, think of it as knitting in the car time. Especially at major intersections, where you may have to wait a couple turns of the light to clear it.

  • Hope Santa tucks some Brylcreem(TM) into your stocking! xo, c.

  • Then we could come up with a knitted antimacassar pattern contest.

  • Thanks for the reminder that I need to refuel before heading to the Willow Place Target as soon as Brotherman arrives to distract the kiddos. Wee C only told me Wednesday night what she wants from Santa: her OWN make-up, not mom’s cast-offs, not mom’s skin tone. Sheesh, she’s only six and a half! Merry merry! XXO

  • Ann, you crack me up! I really needed a good laugh, so thanks for that. Isn’t this time of year crazy? I really need to take a break after all this Christmas knitting and shopping. Merry Christmas to you and Kay and all of your families!

  • The Dippity-Do is still sold in London, Ontario, Canada. In pink, green or yellow! If that isn’t enticement enough to tour through here, I don’t know what is…

  • I thought the interview was fabulous and fun. Thanks!