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  • LOVELY wrap and tea party! My “baby Rose” is now 10 and her Disneyland hair wrap had to be cut out! It tore out most of the tendril anyway! How many skeins for the wrap (in Noro Silk Garden)?

  • Lovely colors in your growing Argosy wrap. I’m sure you’ll catch the rhythm with this knit soon.

  • I love the argosy wrap so much I filed the pattern after you posted the link last week. But my stash doesn’t include the right stuff to start one. And I have quite a few WIPs now. I continue to be amazed at the work you turn out. And it is so BEAUTIFUL!

  • Wow, that is gorgeous, but why no photos of the wine?

  • What a lovely tea party!

  • character-building, heathery, overcast, and gorgeous. what a lovely wrap!

  • #88 seems a perfect foil to a pink tea party!

  • Don’t be sad, dear Kay. The Silk Garden #88 is finally fulfilling its destiny to become a truly beautiful knitted garment. If you love something, you have to set it free. (And any yarn you manage to de-stash will quickly be replaced two-fold – Law of Knitting Universe #47)

  • Ah, the poifect pinkness of it all. Geesh, the Disney hair wrap. I remember that. My poor daughter’s fell out BY THE ROOTS, leaving an empty hole in her hair, after three days.

  • Beautiful wrap, stormy Atlantic colors. I hate when colors get discontinued. Big teases, yes we had it and no you can’t have it anymore.Your shawl is perfection. Looking forward to seeing it on you.
    Ahh the wonderfulness of pink. My dd now a 30 something went through the pink and then the purple stage. My husband said painting her room made him bilious. But then he was Navy and thought if battleship gray was good enough for the JFK it was good enough for everyone else 🙂 His dream of having a battleship gray home with drop ceiling florescent lights, died very early in our marriage. Like maybe day 2

  • I’m still on the sunny side (just) of 50. But I declare that I will be a “fresh and spritely” 50. In fact, I think that will be the theme of year 49, too.

  • Ah, I once loved color 88 and began to gather skeins for a cardigan. When no more Color 88 was to be found in the state of Ohio, I mixed the revered 88 with some Karaoke (in Dugnaree, I think) and made this cardigan.

  • I love tea. I’m rather devoted to it. A Pink Tea Party is, well, my cup of tea. Had it been me there I would have totally skipped the wine and been at the tea party. But I would also knit like one of the grown ups…

  • Beautiful yarn, extreme pinkness, the whole thing is just a great way to start off a Monday. I’m feeling cheerfuller by the minute!

  • I cant wait to start my Agrgosy wrap!! I have to finish many things on the needles but hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to CO. Yours is lovely-cant wait to see it on your shoulders!!

  • Tears in my eyes: one of my child’s namesake grandmothers (my grandmother was Frances the First; my batty grandfather married high school Frances the Second four months after the First died) gave my daughter, Frances McPantses, that tea set when she was born.
    It’s been loved to death and sugar bowl is long gone.
    Happy, happy.

  • Uh, end of story: Frances the Second died before McPantses turned 1, thus the tears.

  • 88 is discontinued?!! There should be some sort of bat signal that goes up. I’m so glad I unraveled an old failed project out of that color and put some of it in my almost-finished Klaralund.
    Love the pink tea party. I would have had such a tea party myself.

  • Just too cute! There’s a good life lesson here; we have to sieze the moment- whether it be for tea or colorways.

  • My DD’s Disney World hair wrap is now three months (they told us it’d last 2 weeks to 2 months and counting. She’s gotten to be an expert at whirling it around her head like a hula-hoop. I’ve threatened to cut it off in her sleep.
    Lovely tea party!

  • Enthusiasm for color can take a girl far.
    What a great tea party.

  • Next time wouldja call me before the pink tea party? That is something I’ve dreamed of, like, practically all 31 years of my life.

  • My Girly and Baby Rose would get along famously. They would be difficult to see in the froth of pink and foam of sugar with tea, but the laughter and “grown-up” tea drinking would give them away. It looks like a great afternoon.

  • Sigh…Webs had oodles of 88 after it was discontinued. So much so that I was complacent and DIDN’T GET ANY (at $6.95 a skein or something ridiculous like that). Glad you’re carrying the torch!

  • oh the pinky girlness! Oh the argosy wrap! and wine too? Nice weekend!

  • I first fell in love with Silk Garden 88 on this blog after succumbing to the beauty of Taro’s stroller blankie. I have since knit myself a favourite sweater from its quiet winter-wood colours. It’s far too soon for 88 to leave us.

  • heathery blanket draped on unpainted rough hewn chair, puts me in a london foggy misty mood. really LOVE!

  • your post was so funny today I read it twice.

  • This post resonated with me!
    First, I did a double take at the first comment: I too am a knitting Cathy with a no-longer-Baby Rose! She’s 11 (going on 20, though, so no tea parties in our present day!) And we’re going to Disney World in 3 days; Rose and little sis Madrigal got hair wraps on a trip last summer that lasted FOREVER; do I see more in our future??
    AND I have a secret stash of Discontinued Color 88 in my attic! Got a couple on WEBS when it was on clearance; loved the colors in person; got more, and more again! It’s awaiting le projet parfait (zee perfect project, mais oui?)
    Now to figure out what knitting to pack for the trip….very important…

  • Two of my children had the “baby” moniker attached to their names, so I can relate. I love that winter light, especially with all that pink! It sounds like a lovely day. And I have Argosy Shawl envy big time!

  • Oh my – that is the single most precious moment that could ever be captured. A spontaneous tea party – the essence of being a little girl – but rarely photographed. Thanks for capturing the moment and sharing so we could all re-live our childhood.

  • Love the tea party – what a sweet memory. And the Argosy wrap is lovely. I don’t usually go for neutrals but something about that makes me want. it. now. Am I growing up? (shudders)

  • I remember tea parties with my mom when I was little, it was so fun! The wrap looks great , the colors are beautiful. That’s really sad that they discontinued it 🙁

  • Perhaps you could start a grass-roots movement, like Grumperina’s with the Addi circular lace needles. “Bring Back the Silk Garden 88!” I’d certainly sign up —

  • Oh heavens! I love your agrosy wrap. Despite the simplicity of the stockinette, I bet I’d be severely challenged if I had to attempt such a lovely project.