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  • Olive. And Bull moose. In the same sentence. Heh.

  • Olive in Bull Moose Park – I love it. Wish I was close enough to come see Cat…..

  • When we lived in the city, our local dog park was Fish Bridge Dog Run, I think that is right up there with Bull Moose–and it had cement tiles, so you never had to clip the toenails!!!!

  • That dog is so dadgum cute.

  • Did you know that there’s a Bull Moose Dog Run mystery book series?

  • Can’t wait to see the full glory of the new courthouse steps. And find out whether it’s really just darkest blue denim or the old discontinued black denim.
    I was in a car for at least 10 hours this weekend, and still the knitting pours out of your camera so much faster than out of my knitting bag. Perhaps I should try knitting with a camera? But the log cabin of many colors, nearly abandoned, lives on. I bought a pile of yarn for it to egg it on, and it seems to be working.
    And the dog run? I can smell it now. She who lauders cloth diapers for two can’t really say much, I suppose, but when I think of dog runs, I just think of the time I worked near Madison Square Park and every time I thought I had totally lucked out and gotten a nice lunch bench to myself, I would take just one moment too long to realize why. Get all settled with my sandwich and then… what’s that smell? Actually, come to think of it, it’s a good place to knit and diet. I often packed my lunch away and just knit, ate my sandwich back at my desk.

  • bull moose teddys r’s political party perhaps

  • Olive says that she wasn’t cowering. She was assessing her options after being taste-tested by a German Shepherd!

  • At first glance, between the word “moose” and the maple leaf, I thought you might be in Canada.
    But then my history-major-nerd background info took over: “Oh yeah. Bull Moose party. T.R. Got it.”
    Love the Olive.

  • The German Shepherd is thinking, “Not bad, but she’d probably taste even better with a little gravy…”

  • I must admit, I adore Olive’s little face and fuzziness. Somehow, her name is just perfect for her. I have a little Bichon after many large dogs. Her name is Polly Esther, since I thought she was not a real dog. Bow, was I wrong.

  • That dog just kills me. I mean totally.

  • Usually, when you post “family photos,” people comment on how much your children have grown. Well, I just want to say how mature Olive the Aussie is looking. She’s really got her ruff on now!

  • German Shepherd tongue featured for scale — poor Olive! I have a terrier that also cowers when there are too many large dogs romping around. But, maybe those dogs just find her as magnetic a personality as the rest of us.

  • Happy Monday, indeed! That Olive made it a happier Monday, and now that it’s (overcast) Tuesday, she’s still lighting up my screen.
    BTW, did Olive (the dog) meet Cat (the knitter)? Hope it was as fun as I imagine it would have been.

  • Dogs and knitting? Throw in a coffee cart and I am there!