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  • My Loop-d-Loop came in the mail last week, and it has been dangerously eroding whatever chance I have left of getting tenure. I have been imagining diminutive chain-link scarves in many different fibres and their possibilities for adornment of everything from daughters to Christmas trees.
    I, too, love the Cabled Riding Jacket, knitted in ‘artisanal’ yarn.
    I just worry that I don’t have the right hair.

  • I’m right behind you with the chain-link scarves – I’m thinking bright tweeds in mini rings – and all that Rowanspun about to be discontinued! The trunk show is coming to my LYS Stash here in Berkeley soon – CAN NOT wait! Annhb

  • I became a fan of Durham’s after I made her Diagonal Paillette Stole, the pattern for which is for sale on her website, for my younger sister. She wears it a lot and gets compliments every time. It’s an easy, fun, clever knit, and a great gift for the young fashionista in your life.
    I just got my copy of Loop-d-Loop (also from Crafter’s Choice) and if I weren’t immediately postpartum with all that implies about time, sleep and weight issues I’d be making myself the steek vest right now. The designs are the perfect blend of witty and wearable.
    In the commentary to one pattern, the author explains that she frequently incorporates elements that make each item recognizably a handknit, something difficult or impracticable to do on a machine. This should be a touchstone for good handknit design.
    Also, excellent photography!

  • Yes! What you all said. Its a gorgeous book. I also got it from Crafters Choice, by accident even (oops! clicked. what did I just buy?) and it was honestly a surprise when it came last week. I stayed up till the wee hours pouring over it. The Slinky Tree Bark is to die for. If only I would look like that in 2070. I can’t actually think of anything I didn’t like, on some level or another. It’s right up there with the Debbie New experience.

  • That Fair-Isle short row pullover is AMAZING! I’m doing a short-row pullover as we speak and loving it. The idea of doing it with fair-isle is a bit daunting to be sure, but oh my god it’s gorgeous.
    I love the book as well, in case you couldn’t tell. 😉

  • I made the Leaf Lace Pullover already. It was very fast and fun to knit. I adore that riding jacket but I know no matter how foxy the sweater I will not look like the girl in the picture in an all-over cabled aran weight sweater. Sigh.

  • I love this book. Love. It.

  • It has a lot of fans this side of the Atlantic too! It got a great review on the Knitter’s Review too. I think it is fascinating, I keep it by my bed and read a bit each night, I did exactly the same with Debbie New, too much to take in at one go. I love the scarf with the interwoven panel on the front, the reversible vest, and the cardigan with the circle on the back, as well as the chain scarf. Riding coat is fabulous – but know I won’t look like that in it! I did like that there was an older white-haired model too…just wish she had been wearing the riding jacket!

  • I know!! I actually pre-ordered it (and I hadnt even done that for Harry Potter books) on Amazon and then counted down the weeks til I got it. I love that Cable jacket too, and will definitely be making it. I am also strangely drawn to the medallion-back cardigan, even though I believe crochet would be involved. I think it is the best knitting book of the year (except for the Harlot’s book, of course!!)

  • I love the corrugated asymmetrical sweater, and am trying to knit it a bit bigger with stash yarn. I can’t get my head around grafting a sweater top to a bottom, though (leaf lace pullover). It’s a very intriguing book.

  • I love the princess-seamed jacket- I think it is a bulky knit that my non-size-0 self could actually pull off in a flattering way. Inspiring book.
    I also love Debbie New’s Unexpected Knitting- mindblowing!

  • Oddly, I can’t stand most of the book. Except for the one pattern I have made and need to block and seam – and I even hate it’s name: the “Child Geek Pullover.” As the child for whom I’ve knit it is surely NOT a geek. Rather, he is fabulous. Isn’t it amazing how different people can have such different reactions to the same patterns, and yet I still love reading what you blog about even if I disagree with you about (most) of this book. And that’s almost as fabulous as the kiddo who’s getting the sweater!

  • Jon! Yay! A dissenter, and one who’s knitted something from the book. Good to hear from you.
    I’ve been thinking about language and its power. I know what you mean about “geek” when applied to a child. Seems kind of harsh, and it’s not what I would name a kid’s sweater. I’m guessing it’s meant in the affectionate way that Silicon Valley types refer to themselves. Here’s how Wikipedia puts it: “A geek is a person who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by technology and imagination. Geek may not always have the same meaning as the term nerd.”
    Of course, I wouldn’t call my book Stitch and Bitch, either, even though I find myself doing the latter every single day. I find myself trying to tone down my language these days, though I reserve the right to cuss like a damn sailor whenever I’m up against a deadline.

  • I must admit at first glance through Loop-d-Loop, I wasn’t immediately enchanted with most of the designs. Of course there were the ones that are almost impossible to live without, ie. the short-row fairisle, the steek vest, etc, but nothing really made me lose it.
    However, I spent about 45 minutes on it again a second time, and knew at that point, it was a book I couldn’t live without. The photography, the writing, the patterns – it’s the perfect knitting book. And after going through each of the patterns, I can find something beautiful in almost every pattern, and have picked quite a few more impossible to live without patterns.

  • Geek is pretty much a positive term, meaning a person who is knowledgeable on the minutae of a given subject. It used to have the same meaning as “nerd” (which has kept its meaning). And before that, a geek was a type of circus “freak”.
    I looked at “Loop-d-Loop” at Borders several days ago and wasn’t impressed, perhaps because of those loopy things on the cover. Argh! I judged a book by its cover!
    Now I have to go back a look again!

  • Telling that I mispelled “minutiae”–not much geeky about me.

  • ah, the truth comes out! no written word for the knitters unless, of course, it’s knitting related. i’m desperately trying to resist the rush of new knitting books, but the photography in loop-d-loop is making it difficult. then again, i can’t finish the novel i’ve been working on for the last two months, so i don’t need added eye candy to lure me away!
    but really, p.s., did i mention that 90-degree heat be damned, i need to have the tree sweater ten minutes ago?

  • Loop-d-loop is all that and more! I ordered a couple of patterns off her web site a year or two ago, and actually spoke with her on the phone, because my order got lost…she’s very nice… I made that cool scarf that’s woven in the front…very easy and quick… Really should get around to making the other couple of patterns I got from her before I get the book and get completely distracted again!!!

  • I almost got the book — from Crafter’s Choice! — but then I read that if you’re full-figured, there’s nothing in it for you. Should a larger woman who has no kids to knit for bother with it? I need to check it out more thoroughly…

  • Great book!! I’m knitting the corrugated asymmetrical sweater in Misti Chunky Baby Alpaca — yum!! I had to go up a needle size to get the Chunky Baby to gauge, but it looks — and feels — fabulous, and quite unlike all the other things I knit. I own a yarn store, and every copy in our first shipment of Loop D Loop flew out the door — wish I could say that for all the stuff I order (Plymouth Glitterlash, anyone? ). IMO, Loop D Loop is the best book of the year so far . . .

  • thanks alot! I escaped my punk rock youth, and my wayward 20s with out joining the ever enticing cd clubs only to hit 30 and have you tempt me with a craft book club. yeah, my books should be here in a week. damn.
    also, hi!

  • I HATED this book when I first recieved a review copy–too strange, too much of the cowl-thingy on the guy model, too many models with hair that seemed to be out of the 13th century.
    However, I slowed down and read it and it grew on me.
    I love the braided neckpiece–I knitted one for my LYS in Blithe (Classic Elite baby camel) doubled and was entranced by how it all came together in the end. Someone commissioned me to knit another (this time in Southwest Trading’s soysilk yarn) and loved the pattern and the finished piece even more.
    And the loops. Yes, I was instantly taken with the loopy mohair things on the cover and whipped off three of them–one of which I felted. I admit I love them.
    I have the corrugated asymmetrical v-neck on needles right now. Shall see how THAT goes. I cannot get my little brain around the schematic drawing. I will need some faith to get through this one…

  • (Long time lurker, first time commenter)
    initially, when i came to your blog today, i clicked on the Crafter’s Choice link before reading the post. I had been trying, for a week, to remember the name of this book club. i can’t bring myself to pay full price for some of the books that i drool over, so i thought i might find one or two there.
    The one i was most excited to find was Loop-d-Loop! I have been looking at this one in Chapters every so often and I have knit (most of) the Lace Leaf Pullover that was featured in IWK.
    Anyway, then I came back to your blog and here you were talking about Loop-d-Loop! Great minds? Similarly obsessed people?
    So, now i’m off to sit by my mailbox. (they said 3 weeks, but surely they will know i need it now, right?)

  • aack! I just cancelled out of my 2nd Crafter’s Choice membership last month. and I’ll admit, I’m also a judger (Loop-d-loop, eh?! seems a bit out there for me…) now, here you all are, tempting me to rejoin CC. perhaps I’ll wait for them to email me telling me how much they miss me and want me back again…