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  • I am excited about my first Rhinebeck, but (and should I whisper this?) more for the famed fried artichokes than any woolly stuff. And the possibility of a GOOD corndog. Although I am doubting such a thing exists, to be honest. B x x

  • Incredibly wonderful video! I can’t make it to the festival this year, either–not that I need more yarn, but it’s great to see people I wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

  • SO nice!

  • Take heart, Ann – you’re not alone in missing Rhinebeck this year. So far, Stitches West is the closest I’ve come to it. Just three thousand more miles. . .

  • So sorry I won’t get to stalk, I mean, see you this year!

  • I want to be there!!

  • How great is that video! I don’t have too much sympathy for you though since I haven’t ever been to Rhinebeck. But I certainly understand the desire to be there! I just wish there was a way to have that video show in half time! So many gorgeous knits.

  • I’m missing it again this year, too, but it’s a beautiful New England day here, so that helps! Miss seeing some people, though…the folks I bought my first cashmere goat from are going to be there and I’d love to see them. Oh well.

  • Actually, you know what I really, really wanted to go to this year? Yarndale. And then on to Shetland. And on the way back, I wanted to see Tennant at the RSC.
    What a trip that would have been!

  • Okay, next year, Rhinebeck for sure. I’ve never been.

  • I heard/met Clara last night in Chicago. What a lovely person/evening. and I even won a Claramel!
    Well worth the crappy 2h/less than 50 mi commute from Wisconsin.

  • Lovely video, but it went by so fast! I want to study all of those beautiful handknits!

  • Gale’s movie made me verklempt. (The best word my sister ever taught me!)
    I’m going to miss Rhinebeck, too. : (

  • Before I clicked play, I thought this video won’t make me cry. But it did, and I enjoyed every second of it. Someday I will have one of those cute little black goats, a fave shot of Gale’s that I snagged for a screensaver.

  • I was there in 2008 and would love to go back someday. The knitters in the video were so happy to be there and I know why!

  • I’m so with you on being so sad on missing out on Rhinebeck this year. And Gale’s awesome video is just making it worse, especially since those 2 lovely spindling ladies that are featured in the pane for it are my Rhinebeck buddies, and partners in fiber crime, Kristin Husher and Heather Shelton! So, I’ll lift a glass to you, who will be sharing in my bereftness this weekend. Rhinebeck is magical, and I will be back next year!

  • fantastic!

  • Always top … I love your super amazing blog 🙂

  • Watching the video gave me much joy. I knit because it makes me happy.

  • Also not going, also never been. Do any of you remember the point where we signed up to prove there is life without Rhinebeck??

  • Anyone have an email addy for Ann or Kay? I want to see if they ever would come to Rochester NY to the Rochester Knitting Guild to SPEAK! and or do Workshops!