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  • Wow. Absolutely love the partially knit jacket. He is toooo cute. Log cabins are great too, but I don’t sew, barely even buttons.

  • Where did the dolphins and swimmers come from?
    I think I have to do that to my jacket, although I won’t be as cute.

  • Great quilt choice– it’s looking very nice. I always like to see quilts in blogland!

  • kay … you can’t deny your love for rowan anything … i saw some kaffe fasset spots in there!!! like the paperweights and spools or something like that … yada yada yada … too fun … oh … if ya’ couldcha wouldcha put some denim in there please … hee hee … glad to hear you an mr. pfaff are having a splendid little tete-a-tete … enjoy … kisses … ina and gumby

  • Isn’t Jefferson Starship made up of the burned out members of Jefferson Airplane? See what happens to you when exposed to so many, er…stimuli?? You’re reduced to singing songs included in the Mannequin soundtrack with Andrew McCarthy. And you’re maybe wondering who Andrew McCarthy is? I rest my case.
    My point? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s this: there must be something to this synergistic effect from the stripey yarns and the twigs and the logs, and the writingandtheblossomsandthelittleJapanese-themedgraphics. Were these people maybe *on* LSD when they designed this stuff? And perhaps listening to Jefferson Airplane? There could be a connection. Think about it.

  • What is the title of this book? It looks like something I’d be interested in? I tried looking up Machine Made Patchwork, but I didn’t have any luck.
    Love the picture!

  • I’m loving your log cabin squares! I find picking and matching fabric so, so hard.

  • The twigs and logs are all about creating a Japanese Flying Squirrel-friendly environment in my home–nothing to worrit yourself about.
    Extra points for foreign languages besides Japanese? Because if I had known the non theme Japanese/alphabet theme had permeable walls I would have gone down to the Basement of Shame to get my Lago di Garda souvenir tea towel out on the cutting mat. I guess you’ll have to come back.

  • You want to live in a world where they eat apples with spoons? Oh, I’m just envious that you have the Munki Munky Pool fabric. At least you’re showing some sanity with the Owls on Beige fabric.

  • Nice work. Seriously – it looks fab!

  • What’s all this sewing stuff! Let’s get back to regularly scheduled program and talk about those bleach your own denim pages in Rowan 39! And what about the new Interweave!

  • Adorable little boy and quilting p*rn? You’re killing me here!
    My quilting buddy is named Sven. He is, after all, a Viking.

  • I love your log cabins AND THAT BOOK! Where did you get it??????

  • For an over-stimulated woman you seem to be keeping it all together nicley with the quilt-making! I know what you mean about the exercise – there is a well-trodden furrow in my carpet where I go back & forth from the sewing machine to the ironing board like some sad, blinkered rodent.

  • Goodness, Kay, that title had me scared for a minute. But yes, the stashing impulse for quilting fabrics is no different than the one for yarn. That’s why there’s a whole chest of them I’ve stored at my in-laws’ house…I’ll see if there are any wordy tea towels knocking around the back of the drawers to donate to your cause.
    LOVE the jacket. Another thing for the “must knit” list.

  • You can pre-cut strips for log cabin, you know … lay the piles out in a line by size, and then as you work you just have to reach over and grab the next strip. You can either pre-plan the piles or allow them to just “be”, increasing the random-ness (unless you’re me and you pull something that Just Won’t Do, in which case you rifle through the stack to find a more copacetic strip).
    The quilt is going to be adorable.
    and if I ever want to get my hands on the keyboard again, I must keep Her Ladyship away from “Cute Overload”. Did you see the hamster in the dollhouse?!?

  • Did you say “hobby”? Do you really think of knitting as a hobby? Hobby sounds so trivial. How about “mission” or even “religion”?

  • I love it all! I love the jacket, I love the squares. I love the book.
    Kay, you are responsible for:
    several bags of Rowan denim in my closet;
    a knitted log-cabin in progress;
    a Silk Garden entrelac throw recently completed;
    an order from dev depot
    etc etc
    And now you are doing this to me!

  • Where can I get that terrific owl fabric? Kay, you’ve done it again. Grrrrrr.

  • You are off to a great start! Are you using a quilting book to learn? They say log cabins are like the knit/purl of knitting. Once you can learn how to do a log cabin, you can do anything.
    Good luck!

  • Do I see some munki munki fabric in the quilt? I love it and I too want a vase of flowers on my bed. Impractical? No way!

  • Hasten thee to ebay! (Link is in sidebar).
    The bidding on the insanely fantastic afghan has begun!

  • That blue one’s a winner!

  • No No NO! STOP! I have enough keeping me awake at night as it is.
    oh, I want a dragon jacket and a kid who will wear it. My boy has opinions these days. I think he’s a project runway contender at 4. He’s got a very original take on the superhero cape. Look for it in a future Bill Cunningham column.

  • yep, sewing can be a nice compliment to KNITTING. Those fabrics are pretty incredible together. Um, I hate to mention it, but did I miss the Perfect Sweater knit off?

  • fabulous news!….that you’ve crossed over to the fabric-y side of life. just another addiction…..

  • Umm…[confession ahead]…I’ve seen Jefferson Airplane in concert…with Molly Hatchet…and 3 Dog Night…and I’m under 30. I like think I’m diverse.
    Love the square- great job.

  • I would like to know where that book can be purchased as well. Your log cabin squares look great!
    Hoskins in CT

  • wowee – the squares look marvelous. i might even be just a touch jealous. i’ve got the burgeoning fabric well under way and now it’s just a matter of finding the time. or just calling in sick and declaring it a quilting day.

  • oh deary deary me – I have just found this blog and I think my life is about to change – where can I get some extra hours in my day to read all your archives? this stuff looks lovely!

  • OMG I just saw the preview of your book and it is freakin’ AMAZING!! Must.have.your.book.now!

  • Bugger. Everyone’s doing log cabiney things which look lovely and simple, and now I’m feeling this little tug towards a big stash which is screaming log cabin quilt, NOW.
    It looks beautiful.
    Personally, I’d just like a chance to sit on my own bed without being tipped over by a 3 year old, let alone having a vase with flowers on it.