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  • <3 Olive!

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  • Has anyone seen “34 of the Fluffiest the Cats on the Planet”, courtesy of a recent Facebook feed? Not to be missed….

    Scarf: how many times have I thought of a ripple knit or crochet scarf along the lines of the Magma tic Scarf? So easy to do in either medium, directions not needed. I just could not, however, imagine wearing one. It would be as if I stopped my knit or crochet ripple blanket early and decided to wear it instead. The yarn Rifton looks interesting, however.

    So what knitting is it on which Olive is resting? She looks comfy cozy!

    Knit on!


    • Ranger, the death march I mean cardigan I am near to finishing.

      • You’re a good friend, Kay. That sweater will be treasured. I hope you will be posting some pics.

  • I just finished a scarf in that same color Rifton. Such perfect yarn.

  • The ripple stitch scarf is intriguing…until I figure how many stitches one would have to cast on–then it is insanity! Insanity, I say.

    At least for this lazy knitter. 😉

  • My cat was helping me so much yesterday I couldn’t get a photo.

  • I have knit that scarf. It’s fun. Especially the fringe. I have also knit with Rifton (and might, maybe, be eyeballing another skein, if only the exchange rate was reasonable). It’s fabulous. You’re going to have a great time!

    • This is good to hear, Danielle. I tend to prefer cowls over scarves but that fringe looks so clever.

  • Olive!

  • Olive can certainly be an honorary cat! I’m pretty sure my Harley is bigger than Olive.

  • That last cat is my kind of cat. You crack me up, Kay. I need an emoticon here, lol…

  • And here we have the Mason-Dixon product testing team, consulting on which yarns are soft, warm, cushy, and fun to play with!

  • Isn’t Loki gorgeous? Wendy has had the royalty of knitting cats. As they all are. Olivecat too!

  • Olive looks as if she’s saying, “Did you just call me a cat?”

  • Love the look on Olive’s face! She is not at all amused by being called a cat. I don’t blame her! Show the terrier a little respect.

  • Queue Olive … Mom has completely lost it … now she thinks I’m a cat … really?!!!

    Don’t let her call you a cat … or think she can get away with making you catlike … or you can pull a few more independently minded maneuvers!!!

    I have your back Olive!

    Tante Ina

  • Thanks to you, Loki is now requiring that I address him as “Loki, Lord of the Fluffy Cats.” Accompanied by a curtsy, of course.

  • Reading these comments makes me so very happy. It doesn’t even really matter what they are about. Thank you all

  • I am currently knitting a chevron afghan….Canal Grande, with 100 extra stitches…out of sock yarn leftovers. It is the most fun thing I have knitted in a long time and it might end up to be 10′ long, just to keep the joy going. 350 stitches on the needle is not a burden when you are having a good time.