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  • I can’t find the words to say how much I love this!

  • Fantabulous color!!!!!!!

  • That last gown is what Cinderella should have worn to the ball – I love it!

  • Waiting for the kit to come out. Hope it’s affordable.

  • Someone needs to design a pattern for the yarn coat…..its amazing!

    • Ditto. It’s really gorgeous!

  • How refreshingly wonderful!

  • Ooh, I love it all. Thank you!

  • Fantastic! The colours & shapes make my fingers itch to swatch some things, but I must finish one or two projects before I dive into the odds & ends bin.

  • Wow… that outrageous yarn coat!! Super fun — all of it. Thanks for sharing!

  • That dress is- oof. no words.

  • Now you have a name for your sweater embroidery – scribble stitch!!

  • OK, that sequined skirt is to die for, and I am inspired to attempt this on a lesser scale. Joann’s (our local fabric/craft place) only has small cup sequins. Question for everyone here – does anyone know a source for the large, FLAT sequins? Google isn’t being helpful.

    Many thanks.

    • I searched for “big flat sequins” and got a lot of hits…. Amazon, category “rhinestones and sequins”, ebay. A place called sequinsdirect.com

      Good luck!

      • Smart search! I was going to suggest theatrical or dancewear costumers, but “sequins direct” pretty much sounds like the place to go.

    • These photos fill me with joy – talk about fun clothes!

      Those big flat sequins are called paillettes. If you google that you’ll find many many sites that sell them in several different materials and price points.

      Hope that helps.

  • I just love y”all. I never know what’s going to be here, but I never leave unhappy. Thanks!

  • Not only do I need that last dress, I need an event at which to wear it. Who can help me out?

    • Maybe Ann could hire us a ballroom in Nashville. We can all attend, wearing our wildest!

      • I would be all over that. Your move, Ann.

  • Now those are my kind of pompoms.

  • Remember when Fran Drescher wore lots of Todd Oldham on “The Nanny”.

  • I am so glad the two of you are posting daily. You always have something interesting to share.

  • ’90s fashions, you say? Because that coat just shouted “1968” to me. The Age of Aquarius: still inspiring designers’ imaginations after all these years. Meanwhile, those pompons are inspiring my own imagination . . .

  • Oh, that last dress… Stunning! If he won’t let me have it, maybe put Michelle Obama in it. She’d rock it, for sure!
    Ditto on your daily postings. They are delightful, entertaining, inspiring … And a much needed escape! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Poufy dress of wonder. A-may-zing and inspirational.

    I hope someone is now ready to knit up a color storm a la Oldham this summer.

  • Love this. Sadly will be traveling for a bat mitzvah on the 17th, or if be dancing with Todd

  • Love love love! I had such a huge thing for him in the 90s. He was a regular on MTV’s House of Style. 🙂

  • FANTASTIC PLACE TO EAT IN PROVIDENCE alert!! the best place in Providence is a tiny thang called ‘north’. You will love it’s fantastic interior and the food is superb. i went to RISD and go back to RI lots to see family. I make an effort to go to North when ever I am there. I just hope you read this message in time. Lassie!! Make sure Ann looks at the comments page before dinner tonite.

  • Amazing. I want to be reincarnated in that dress. And he’s evidently the nicest fellow ever. Coat reminds me of the fabulous Xenobia Bailey.

  • Yarn coat – go to thrift store, buy a coat, cover it with yarn. Voila!

  • Those are truly hilarious.

  • Everything about this is wonderful! Somebody, please, get this show to the Bay Area ASAP!

    • Hear, hear! The DeYoung should snap this one up!

      • Yes, right away! Wouldn’t it fit in with their wonderful shows in the past like Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier?

        • You read my mind!