A Wild Yarn, Part 2

By Ann Shayne
June 9, 2017
Sunshine in the shop: yarns for projects that will make you smile

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  • I want to come down to TNNA, but I’m not registered for a class. Do I have to pay to get on the shop floor? And if I see you, should I bring chocolate?

    • Hi Maggy! TNNA is a trade show for the knitting industry, wholesale only. If you have a yarn shop, you can join TNNA and attend. Hoping this is the case, because chocolate is ALWAYS a good idea and it would be great to see you!

  • I opened the video and was taken by the sweater Kristy Glass is wearing. It looks like a second cousin to the sweater you’re knitting: a striped V-neck yoke and the sleeves knitting in speckled yarn. I think. Not too many glimpses of the sleeves.

  • Arriving in Columbus in a few hours but for a family thing instead. Will raise a spoon of Jeni’s in your honor. Also, we’ll have enough knitters there to have our very own WWKIP event.

  • That yarn is mesmerizing. You will get so many compliments or appreciated stares. I have a hat made of Malabrigo Arcos Iris and I swear someone says something nice about it each time I wear it. Non-yarn folks think I wove all the colors together!

  • Sorry about the Preds. Pens fans in this household – said 12-yr old right wing – “mom, you’re knitting (afghan in garter and stockinette and cloche from Year of Techniques depending on action in games) and watching the Pens just like the Pens Knitting Lady. Maybe there’s a Preds Knitting Lady.” Yes, I do believe there is – your sweater is a lovely riot of color. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • And, as a bonus, it looks like you’ve got some fair-isle going there, with the Xs, the way the yarn patterns. I’d say it’s a two-fer! I’m smitten with that Easel pattern too & I think I’ll start digging through the stash to see what I can find to use for it. I don’t think I can do the uneven sleeves, though. That’s just too outlandish for me.

    • FYI, guys: Ravelry shows the Easel sweater as being in FG #2, not #3. Not sure who needs to correct that.

  • If Kay bikes to Sackville, tell her to take a little detour to see me in Fredericton…or I can meet her somewhere along the way with refreshments, spokey dokes, a new bike flag, whatever! <3

    • #MDKsupportcrew #sackvilleorbust #cometocanada <3 <3 <3

  • Lovely! Have you told us what color the sleeves will be? XXO

  • I also see some shadowy Fair Isle stuff happening. The “X” pattern that keeps repeating definitely looks like argyle, or some kind of code. Let’s see…maybe it’s a sign that Kay should keep on riding her bike (and taking the ferries) past Sackville and on to Argyle in New Brunswick? It’s only 329 km farther!

  • Thank you for the shout out, that Kristy Glass is a doll! Chatting with her is like buttah.( I know I sound like someone’s grandmas saying that…)xox

  • I love this! When I look at the back, I see two butterflies. And maybe some on the front too? It’s incredible both how beautiful the random speckles are, and how determined we are to see patterns in the chaos.

  • I keep staring at the X’s too, so you have made some planned pooling 🙂