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  • Oh, the cables. they are everywhere. I, however, find myself falling for Svalbard. Would it be so wrong to abandon a second glove and several Christmas projects to dive into a new project that requires buying yarn, since nothing in my stash is quite right?

  • Thank you, Ann–you made me Laugh Out Loud. Xo

  • So. Kay. Do you occasionally head over to Brooklyn and hang with Jared in one of the cool cocktail bars like Clover Club (Ryan makes a mean Corba’s Fang) or Maison Premiere and knit stuff? ’cause that would be fun, i think. Or maybe Jared goes UWS and you pick up Knishes at Zabar’s or catch some jazz at Dizzy’s? Heck, i wish i got to NYC a bit more often…sigh.

  • Sigh… Wool People… definitely drool worthy. I am very fond of the patterns that come out of Brooklyn Tweed’s publications and designers. Alas, four small children and a yarn stash that needs to be downsized keep me from all the knitting I’d like to do. Someday… Also awaiting the day when they come out with a whole booklet of children’s patterns to drool over.

    • Armchair knitting is every bit as fun as literal knitting, in my opinion. Easier and cheaper, too . . .

  • oh! That Pine Bough Cowl. Queued.

  • Well the rest of the post and the link to the pine bough cowl made up for the fact that I didn’t win. Again. Well, almost.

    • I am loving this pine bough cowl SO MUCH. Makes you feel clever but it’s just not that hard.

  • My queue keeps growing! Sometimes it’s fulfilling just to look at the myriad of cool projects I have to look forward to. Carpino and the pine bough cowl have been moved to the top . . .