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  • A wonderful article from the UK http://www.lrb.co.uk/v35/n22/jenny-diski/diary

    • I loved this article. Although I’m a rightie, I had the same experience as a kid of wanting to make things but had no real help and so it always looked bad. Interestingly, my maternal grandmother could do anything with fiber but her lack of patience and kindness completely turned my mother off of that sort of thing and we rarely lived close enough to her for me to pick it up. I love knitting in part because it is rather more forgiving than other crafts but and because of the sense -fulfillment that goes along with beautiful fibers. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • Not complaining or anything, but I missed the contest because I didn’t know a new post was up. I thought I got notified now with the new blog thingy. Oh bother, to quote a grumpy Pooh.

    • Well, Rose, the same has happened to me. I did receive one notification, but not any more. However, forgetting about the new notifications festure, I have just been checking out the site for new posts as I always have. So, I did get the chance to enter the contest. Unfortunately, I am not the Diane who won….Better luck next time for us both!


  • Oh, Rose and Diane–we’re sorry to be so confusing. We had issues with our notification system that were Not Cool, so we are almost ready with a better system. Trust me, this won’t be the last contest we have (we love contests!), so please bear with us while we get all this sorted out. Thank you for your patience!

    • Are you kidding? You guys are too good to ever quit reading! No worries, just letting you know about the notification issue.

  • I think Jared Flood’s Wool People has become the American answer to Rowan (not that anyone asked the question).

    • I’m asking! I’m asking! And I agree–there’s a lushness to it all that is distinctive.

  • October was the month-of-travel for me (three work-related conferences and two short personal trips) and I totally missed your move. Last night, I though, “Gosh, it’s been ages since Kay and Ann had a post.” So instead of depending on Feedly, I googled and, look! I found this gorgeous new site! I love it!

    • Thanks so much, Janna! This issue of disappearing from people’s Feedlys and Google+ or whatever is confounding: how do we tell people that we have disappeared? “Hey! We’re over here! I guess we just need to yell louder.