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  • I’m sure those Wooly Bullies (surely they should be *Woolly* Bullies??) are not representative of all Toronto Knitters. And, while I have no proof of this, I bet Lettuce Knit would let a crocheter in the shop.
    Oh, look, I capitalized Knitter, but not crocheter. Obviously the prejudice runs deeper than I’d thought…
    Um, nice swatch.

  • I’m making that shrug, too! I don’t know about a KAL, but I did want to let you know that even though it seems like the alpaca/silk makes it hard to get even stitches, they straighten up nicely with a good soaking.

  • You’ll love the alpaca and silk. I made a vest (on my blog here) with three colors of it and some brown 100% alpaca, and it’s one of my favorite FOs.

  • Interestingly, those dishcloths looked like the standard knit pattern, not one of the standard crochet patterns.

  • Pretty! The shrug, I mean. I can’t view the mockumentary here at work–no videos allowed. How the heck do they expect me to work without video content?! At least I assume it is a video…mainly because I can’t see it.
    Find (start?) the knitalong and I will join. I’ve been trying to finish Carolina from Rowan 39 (it does NOT look like a bedjacket, Kay) and I think it hates me now. I could use a nice, mannerly knitting project right about now. Plus it has the same swoopy collar thing going on! When do we start?

  • OMG. I totally KNOW the redheaded knitter! She and I studied violin together at university. Freaky. Now, Lettuce Knit is a store in Toronto.

  • Oh my gosh that was hilarious!!!!! I never knew there was a knitter-*hooker* war raging!!!!

  • Shrugs: Garment of Doom. Never fit. Never look like they do on those abnormal models. This one has actual sleeves, so maybe the hybrid will work. Do I sound like Eeyore?

  • That video was hilarious!

  • Howlingly funny video! And, spectacularly gorgeous yarn. I’m coveting some in the champagne color, if my screen serves me correctly.

  • lordy, that’s the exact attitude the English literature grad students had towards the American literature ones at the university I used to study at. Hilarious!

  • Thanks for sharing the video — hilarious!

  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, and a few more ha-has. Love it, brilliant.

  • Too, too funny.

  • hahaha..i wasn’t going to watch the video right now cause i’m in the school computer lab, but then i read the comments and had to dig through my pocketbook for my headphones..hahaha..love it!

  • that….was…hands down…the….FUNNIEST….video…i have seen in a long time! i tried to keep my giggling to a minimum so i wouldn’t wake up zoe from her nap….awwww….what the heck! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!….ahem….
    Gratuitous baby update…I’m at 4cm, 50% eff, and due on Wednesday…sigh…soon….

  • Ann wrote, “Project anticipation has got to be the most powerful emotion on earth.”
    Oh,you’re so right! I just bought some more yarn on line in anticipation of making socks. And all of this is in anticipation of receiving my first package from Blue Moon for the Rockin’ Sock Club! The anticipation is nearly killing me!

  • I’ve seen crocheters in Lettuce Knit. They sure seemed nice.
    (I didn’t like, talk to them or anything.) 😉

  • I’m game for a shrug KAL!

  • Wellllllll, I guess I’d better get back to my crochet…

  • I can’t decide whether to laugh or punch that guy. I guess I’ll go with laugh, it’s really not the computer’s fault! I’ve knit for two years, but I’ve been a crocheter since I was 11. I like both, but I’ll always go back to crochet!

  • Great video! I forced one of my non-knitting co-workers to watch 1/2 of it (at the end of the day, of course). She laughed, and said it sounded like two competing schools of art. . .
    perhaps all competing groups that seem identical to non-members end up with exaggerated senses of identity and/or persecution?
    As someone who both knits and crochets, I feel totally amused by the wall that exists between the two “camps”.

  • Laws-a-mercy, that was funny! I had to wait to get home before I could watch it, and now the hubby thinks I’m nuts for giggling like a madwoman. I made him listen to some Jack White and it all worked out ok 😉

  • LOL!!! Even my husband stopped playing his video game to take a peak. He hee heee…..
    I learned to knit when I was five, crochet when I was eight. I am entirely delighted to know both crafts because they compliment each other so well. That said, I haven’t crochet an entire project in 20 years.

  • Wow, if I can just hide the yarn, I might buy for the shrug also.

  • … and they ended with Raffi. love it. (listening on the headphones, tho’, as it’s grant-writing time in the house!!) xoxo

  • oh, that was the funniest damn thing I`ve seen in a long time. I want to share it with all my friends, but as non-knitters I don`t know if they`ll get it. Oh how I envy you all and your yarn shops. and your yarn groups.
    thanks for the laugh.