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  • In your description of the country crooner you left out the word ‘genius’ after the word financial. But we will forgive you this time …

  • Oh my, I had forgotten about Bobbie’s Dairy Dip! (I lived in Nashville about 10 years ago) I’m glad I happened to look at your blog before work this morning. It’s probably better to listen at home than at my government job.
    Merle Hazard does it again! What a clever guy!

  • Brilliant! Country doesn’t go over well in our house so my husband was saying “What are you listening to?” I had to give a long and detailed explanation as he did not believe I was listening to an economic forecast. I think Merle is funny, insightful, and entertaining.

  • oh, i hope he’s wrong. but he’s probably not. let’s hope for the best. by the way, i love the bob-wills-style oohhoo!

  • p.s. please post some knitting soon to make me feel better. or send me some of that double dipped ice cream. okeedokee? 🙂

  • You’ll never go hungry with a husband as talented as yours.

  • Loved it!
    I think I will go back to some knitting now and try not to think about the economy.

  • I just love that Merle Hazzard. His songs bring a huge smile to my face and always make me laugh. I’d probably laugh even harder if I understood any of that financial stuff he keeps singing about.
    I can’t believe you didn’t share the “Greek Debt Song” (on Merle’s website) with us before now. I love it. How convenient to have an exact replica of the Parthenon in your own back yard.

  • Uh Mah GAH, that was hilarious!
    The shirt! The belt buckle! The ukelele thingy!
    You’uns have a talented fambly there.

  • And I know how to pronounce you’uns – “yuns” if you’re from Ducktown. Love that Merle.

  • way to go merle

  • What a guy! He’s genius, for sure.

  • Funny video love your merle, back to knitting now.

  • Wonderful! Here in Canada, double dipping is when you retire from a government job, collect a pension and also contract out to that office.

  • Absolutely brilliant!