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  • That man has a future doesn’t he? If ‘ya can’t make money, make music. Gotta love him. And thank him for the smile that is now on my face this morning!

  • I’m gonna hope for Japan.

  • I guess we’ll have to wait and see and in the mean time…. lets have and encore, Merle!!

  • oh Ann, how can you do this to me? I’m on break at work and I have that cup of tea and you know I can’t listen to this now! The danger of spitting tea on the keyboard? the chance of being caught laughing so hard one spits tea out of the nose? I do love Merle’s work. I’ll be tuning in tonight instead, tho. This is a new computer.

  • Gotta love a man who can make the current situation funny… well actually it is funny if you think about it.

  • Never seen anybody hold a violin that well. Awesome!
    I do believe the choreography was heavily influenced by Pardon Me (I Didn’t Knit That For You).
    Made my day, and I adore Don’t Mark Our Love To Market, too. Catchy!
    xoxo Kay

  • thanks!

  • If I bought a cute pair of New Zealand lambskin c’boy boots for a good price at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting last Saturday, will there be any less yarn to buy at my LYS next year? That’s the kind of economic dilemma I’m talkin’ about.

  • I see you again, Kay! Hang in there.

  • I just love all of Merle’s songs. My mind shuts down as soon as anyone starts talking about financial stuff but Merle keeps my attention through the whole song (with a huge grin on my face). He’s a cutey!

  • Oh goodness, this just reveals my inner financial geekiness. So few people appreciate it. To have that here, and be amongst my fellow fiber fanatics, too? Be still my heart!

  • Forget about inflation etc., how did that man figure out how to play a guitar WITHOUT MOVING HIS HANDS? Now that’s a real money maker for today’s economy!

  • And Merle and Bretton have been on the Calculated Risk blog too — Merle better watch out — cuz his fame is spreading, and you know that he’ll be dodging the paparazzi soon!

  • That man is the total package, isn’t he? Musical talent, humor, financial savvy, AND good looks. You are a lucky gal, Ann.

  • did you know that merle’s guest book
    has not been written in since 2007
    this is the year 2009 -way to go merle
    2011 i will put on my list of things to do
    hi kay

  • did you know that merle’s guest book
    has not been written in since 2007
    this is the year 2009 -way to go merle
    by 2011 you you will be able to sing
    folks happy days are here again just differnt
    hi kay

  • So true about the choreography Kay – we’ve seen those moves before. One step up and two steps back.

  • Who on this green Earth just called that a VIOLIN? That’s a FIDDLE if I ever heard one! Did I hear one? Nice stage prop. Did love the tune, though. Thanks, Merle.

  • I really enjoy Merle’s work. Often I don’t have a clue as to what he is singing about but when I hear him I almost get it. If anyone has their finger to the pulse (if there still is one) of the current financial world he does.
    I do have a request that I’m sure you can pass on to him as I know you two have a very close business relationship. Could he put together a piece for all of us Americans making sacrifices and trying to survive unemployment (my husband) because it is putting a big strain on families, wives (extra work hours are killing me), yarn budgets, knitting time, and my personal sanity. As much Merle knows about financial markets he may not be able to actually improve job prospects, but a good song might cheer us up.

  • Ann,
    Your posts have been right on. Kudos. And love to Kay.

  • the man in beige has just the right melancholic pitch to his eyebrows. good work merle.

  • Both my husband and I got a laugh out of this one! More Merle!!!!

  • I LOVE IT! Both of them…what a hoot!
    (except that if it weren’t so true….)

  • Wunnerful, wunnerful. Merle is great, as always. But y’know, if you show us a man with a fiddle it’s only fair to let him play a bar or two, don’t ya think? Just saying………..

  • Very nice, very nice… Can he do requests, like for the stress tests results coming out tomorrow at 4pm Central Time?? I’d love to hear Merle’s take on whether the banks are just too dayum broke!
    Hello Kay! We miss you and we’re sending you lots of love!

  • LOVE the song – I sent it to various CPA family members, who, no doubt, understand it far better than I.

  • Entertaining as always. I wonder if Mr. Wood has (perhaps by marriage) an Auntie Yalta?

  • Ann! Is it because you live in N’ville that celebs come and record songs in front of your brick fireplace? That pottery in Merle’s latest looks similar to the background in the “Pardon Me” recording! I thought you should consider a hand-knit “American Idol” thing on the blog for the summer.

  • Love the song – it hits home here too, in the crisis struck inflation ridden Iceland.

  • Hee hee, I love it!

  • This isn’t so much of a comment about this particular post, as Mason Dixon Knitting in general. I can’t believe I only just found you guys after 5 years of some serious knitting. You guys are awesome. Here’s my problem though…how am I supposed to get any knitting done when I’m so busy trying to read every word you guys have ever written?!?

  • The Economist–that is super impressive!

  • thanks so much for the kind compliments on my fiddle-holding chops. It is however only fair that I point out here that I am in fact a classically-trained violin holder. I owe it all to Katie.

  • Hey–it’s only a week later and I’ve already figured out the Bretton Woods joke! Merle is too dang clever! xoxoxo Kay

  • Ann, Thanks for posting the song by “Merle”. I went to his website and listened to more songs and laughed. Great humor!

  • Ann, Thanks for posting the song by “Merle”. I went to his website and listened to more songs and laughed. Great humor!