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  • Love, love, love it!!! I smell a huge hit. That Merle H. is quite the talent!!!

  • Love, love, love it!!! I smell a huge hit. That Merle H. is quite the talent!!!

  • So funny. I love the ending. What a talent Merle is. I was looking for him at the CMAs…what happened??

  • Kind of cool that you actually live with a big star incognito – but I guess that’s Nashville.

  • 6:10 and my day is made! If you run into Merle, tell him thanks.

  • Too Funny! I woke my family up laughing so hard. Tell Merle he really made my day! I can’t wait for his next musical offering!
    Blessings, Sandy

  • Better start picking out your dress for the CMA’s next year, Ann!I know a stylist who can do you some big hair….

  • I love this – when I’m not knitting I working housing and foreclosure prevention. This’ll be making the rounds!

  • I can tell the production quality is really going up. I bet his record label is starting to smell a hit on their hands. Boy, I’m not sure I want him to go all “Nashville” on us, though. Try to keep him grounded, m’kay? I’m still bitter about what happened to R.E.M.

  • Wow. I love it! I am always a lurker here but had to break that pattern to say- awesome job Merle Hazard!

  • it will trickle down? bwahahahaha. yeah.
    kudos, Merle!

  • Love those backup singers! Not at all what I expected!

  • Um, that blonde, who walks by in the first scene – she’s not wearing khakis and her shirt’s awfully colorful – but could it be?

  • Merle is just going from strength to strength!

  • wanted to ask the same thing as Kelly.
    elliot is hanging off my shoulder & watching Merle (and singing along):: what a finish! what a finish!!

  • –and is she knitting as she walks?

  • ROFLOL! I LOVE it! (My auditors leave for lunch and you’re the first place I stop…to find Merle…I soooo needed this)

  • Just love it and I don’t even understand all that financial stuff. That Merle is a real cutie.
    I had to watch the video a second time to catch that blond in the background as I missed her the first time. She DOES look familiar and I think that IS knitting in her hands.
    Thanks – I needed a laugh today.

  • I totally missed the foxy blonde on my first 20 or so viewings. I do believe that is Mrs. Marla Hazard.
    Personally I’m hoping Hubbo is NOT Merle, because it’s already hard enough on the boys having Elizabeth I fixing breakfast every morning.
    Love from Merle’s Number One Non-Stalker Fan

  • [Snort] Loved it! And, hey, the U.S. dollar may be tanking, but the export sector is roaring.

  • Totally awesome!

  • Now that was a true dee-lite. Those background singers just add the right touch to the video. Sure to be a must see at next years American Music Awards. Thanks for letting us be among the first to experience this new sensation.
    That Kay just gets to stick her finger in every pie doesn’t she? What a multi talent!!!!

  • Seems like soon Merle will have enough material for a whole album. It’s wonderful – keep up the good work.

  • OK, I can’t wait till my husband gets home to see this!

  • Wearin’ those shirts, singin’ with a straight face, what all goes on down there? You’ns all got too much fun goin’ on.

  • Merle is fab. But I love his back up men.

  • Rumor has it that Merle is celebratin’ a birthday! YeeHaw, Merle!

  • Water will “trickle down” big snort.
    Great job.

  • Talent, talent everywhere y’all are! Wonderful and funny. A great treat.