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  • When will I learn not to watch Merle at work? I nearly got caught in the middle of a swoon . . .

  • Love. It.

  • Alec Baldwin is going to love this. When I share it with him on Tweety.
    SO DANG DANG DANG FUNNY. But Merle is scaring me.
    How does Merle decide what to wear on Halloween, is what I want to know. So many choices……
    xoxoxo Kay

  • Lordy but I do love Merle!

  • I gotta love a day when knitting bloggers meet economics bloggers in my blog reader. I think this is my favorite Merle Hazard song so far! And the fact that Simon Johnson is mentioned in it has raised my appreciation for Merle to new heights!

  • Merle is more relevant by the day! He can occupy MN with us any day.

  • Any day Merle posts is a great day! (regardless of what my retirement portfolio looks like.)

  • With Occupy Boston down the street from where I work and seeing the big hit my retirement portfolio showed this past quarter, I was ready to listen to this one today. The entire thing is scary!

  • I just love this – and the link to Simon’s annotations is terrific!
    Oy, I’m a Merle groupie!

  • This video is too big to fail. I think I even understood most of it, thanks to Simon’s explanations! Merle is starting to look really professional. This could turn into a full time gig for him, but given the current state of the economy, tell him not to give up his day job just yet. (Does Merle have a facebook page? He needs one so we can all “like” him!)

  • What I like is that Merle and his group’s musicianship and general air of knowing what the heckfire he’s doing increases with each video-this was my favorite of them all, I do believe.

  • Very good. I don’t tweet, but would if I did.
    But, hey, where are the rhinebeck photos????

  • Another mighty fine effort by Merle H. to inform us of . . . stuff.

  • Big Daddy rhinestone-studded cigarette holder? $4
    Wool felt top hat? $90
    Merle Hazard? Priceless!

  • Merle has outdone himself. Not only did her work the phrase “Glass-Steigel Act” into a song, it actually scans.

  • The prodction values have gone way up!!
    Love it love it love it love it!

  • Merle is the best!

  • I agree Merle is a rare talent. I love him.