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  • Dear Ann,
    I think I might have a little crush on Merle, what should I do?
    Yours sheepishly,

  • That’s pretty fantastic! Especially since I really like the song “Convoy” (and “Around the World with the Rubber Duck”), even if it was a bit before my time. 😉

  • Ahh . . . that might be my favorite song from the mid-70s! My daughters dread whenever “Convoy” makes its once-in-a-blue-moon appearance since it leads to weeks of singing on my part. Now I can add “Bailout” to the rotation. If only Merle would sing a version of “The Ballad of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and my singing life would be complete.

  • When is Merle going on a concert tour? I can see it now…country/western fans and bankers and stock brokers fighting for tickets and a little corner of knitters who never knew financial issues could be so easily explained in a song.

  • Bwahaha! Laughing so hard I’m crying… or is it t’other way ’round??? Thank you for another Merle Hazard hit.

  • Even though I am the perfect age, I really don’t remember that classic song. I do admire Merle’s shirt, indeedy.

  • I already saw a post on my Facebook page today! I bet this is going global!!!

  • Hi Ann,
    Glad to see our favorite crooner is still in fine fettle. Hard to believe it’s been a year since I first spotted him in Whole Foods!! Please tell him hey for me.

  • John Rich wrote a song about the Bail Out that resonates!

  • Once again, Merle Hazard makes my day! Pure-D Genius!

  • Remember the song and love Merle Hazard’s parody too.

  • You are a lucky woman, Ann Shayne, to be married to a funny, musical man who’s good with money…AND he’s tall.

  • Relieved to see that Merle is finally getting some traction on his Actual Guitar Playing Ratio. Srsly.
    I was hoping for a couple more key changes, but otherwise I LUV IT.
    Twang ka chang chang back atcha,

  • we are amused

  • My absolute favorite song from that era! Knew all the words even! Had the ‘record’ even! (I know, I know, only us old folks remember what ‘records’ are!)
    And love that Merle Hazard (not to mention his name) – so clever with the words! Thanks for giving us a heads-up on his latest!

  • For some reason, I was thinking you meant Warren Zevon’s ‘Envoy.”

    Somebody needs a nap.

  • Looks like Merle has another hit on his hands. Good luck, good buddy, and 10-4.

  • Love it!

  • I love it! That Merle is something else! I’m glad to meet his buddies Wolf and Bull – such good southern names (what were their mommas thinking!).

  • Way, way, way too funny. Who managed to convince people that financial folks had no sense of humor?

  • You’ve gotta love Merle!

  • Dang, you are a talented family!! I loved the part in the credits where it says that Merle is not affiliated with Merle Haggard. As if.

  • It’s only a matter of time before they’re on The Tonight Show unless they’ve already been on! Great tune, great outfit, love his sidekicks. Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking for some Merle to make my day. 😉

  • Your husband is pretty hot Ann -if you don’t mind me saying!

  • So much talent in one family! Not to mention the talent & humor that’s emerged from the knitting sisterhood you & Kay have made. I’m listening to M-D Knitting Outside the Lines during my commute (so cool to know what you sound like, BTW!) And now you’ve got me immersed in the written archives to see what you’re talking about (January 2004 – Winter Flower, for example.) I can’t stop reading! This darn job SO interferes with my knitterly pursuits! Almost finished with disc 1 and I don’t want it to end…

  • is it cruise time for the shaynes yet
    hi kay fiber arts is interesting
    the website and magazine
    frances mayes has a lovely book
    a year in the world a travel book

  • Tell that Jon thanks for helping me understand economics in words I get and isn’t that the major Dude himself, RJ, singing with Jon?

  • You may enjoy this one too (different style than Merle’s, but not too dissimilar subject matter):

  • 5-year-old Owen is replaying both versions, Merle’s & the older one, on Youtube, thank you very much.
    I’d just introduced him to a mix tape with some Roger Miller (doowhackadoo) and Louden Wainwright III’s “Dead Skunk Song” on our latest camping trip. Now we own Convoy, too. Should I start balancing these classics out with some classical?

  • My brother and I loved “Convoy” way backa when–so evocative of the Waffle House and the long trip from Chicago to Treasure Island, FL in the Lincoln Continental. We never stopped anywhere overnight. My dad just did 90 as we passed truck after truck through Tennessee in the wee hours. He had a radar detector, so smokey was no problem. The convoy took care of us, too. The bailout…not so much.
    What’s Merle got against academics, anyway?