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  • Howdy! Just came across your Blog and the knitalong for the squares. Who do the afghan’s go to once they’re put together? What size should the squares be? Does it matter if they are wool or acrylic? WHere should the squares be mailed to? WHen is the cut-off date for receiving more squares? Thanks

  • Wow! That map is filling up. As promised, I will knit my May square in Las Vegas and bring Nevada into the fold, but now I’m starting to scheme as to how to add more and more states. We’re moving (and this means driving) cross-country in the late summer or early fall of this year. Perhaps I can knit a square for each state we cross and post them as we go. What fun! Keep up the great work, Kay! As fun as this is I know it must be a lot to manage (let alone store!).

  • What a great thing you and everyone knitting is doing! Go Team!
    P.S. I sent some in February and I live in Georgia…You can add that to your map! Don’t forget the Peach State!!

  • Hey Kay.. when is the sewing up party? I know that I have to be in town in September ….

  • You are the Peter Snow of international blogging Kay ! (For those who don’t know Peter, he’s a political commentator/journalist famous in the UK for his wacky graphics which he uses to illustrate political swing on election nights.)Think you might have to put out an ad for piece workers to help with all that sewing up !

  • Woohoo! 196 squares is fantastic! And Sue of Marlborough, we meant to remind you that your prize Magpie is to be used to make squares. And you get to host at least three sew-up bees!
    Ah, just keeding. Thanks to everybody for such a superproductive month. And a special yoo hoo to the ladies of Revitz House, for sending such a whackin’ big pile of squares.
    Can’t wait to see what happens to the maps next month.

  • Hi there
    I will be doing my bit for Australia and the Southern Hemisphere in general by getting some squares in by June 1. My only explanation for Australia’s poor performance is that we are all busy contributing to Wrap with Love, our own warm blankets for cold humanity effort

  • Welcome, Stine! All the juicy details about the Afghanalong can be found by clicking on the right sidebar, in the first entry, where it says, ‘What is this Afghanalong for Afghans?’ All our blankets will be going to a wonderful organization called Afghans for Afghans, which delivers knit or crochet blankets and warm clothing to displaced people in Afghanistan. We have a link in our sidebar to their detailed website, which has beautiful photos and loads of information. The squares need to be as close to 8″ squares as you can get ’em, with borders, such as garter stitch, that don’t roll (for ease of sew-up). Wool, cotton, and acrylic are all fine, just nothing that screams ‘I am a novelty yarn’ such as Fun Fur or anything with sequins.
    Julia: Your Nevada plans are very exciting, and, not being a stickler, I am all for your plan of dropping squares in mailboxes as you drive cross-country. I suppose it would be too much to ask for pictures of these mailboxes (the more remote, the better!)?
    And Carrie! How could I have left off Georgia? I have you in the log as ‘Carrie of Carrioke’, with no address (that was before I found the mapmaking site!). Sloppy, sloppy! Ann is surely going to reprimand me. Will post a corrected version tonight.
    I think there is a definite trend toward filling in the center of the country; I’m slightly worried about the Great Lakes.
    Heather–I feel more like a meteorologist on a 1960s local t.v. station than a political pundit–‘There’s a high pressure system of leftover tapestry yarn over California today; squares are expected to precipitate overnight.’
    Thanks, everyone! xox Kay

  • No kidding….I WON! Of course, when I read the blog, I didn’t say the above….I used a little more explicit words! 🙂 Thanks so much ladies! Now you will have to give me some direction and what to make with this yarn. Remember, I am a beginner.

  • kay…. sun-drenched, log-cabin-y squares “precipitated” overnite, just as you predicted!….
    this square-ness project is a superlative undertaking. does it put you in a trance of complete beauty and big-heartedness? such lofty goals for you and ann! and the maps produce a long-distance round of applause….. and standing ovation! yes-er-ee,… we are going to have withdrawals come august…. xoxo’s

  • Kay, I just wanted to let you know that I love your commentary on all the afghan squares. You seem to have something wonderful to say about all of them – almost makes me brave enough to knit up some squares and send them to you! 🙂 BTW, I’m an Australian living in Boston. Would squares from me let you color in a big chunk of the southern hemisphere? (The southern hemisphere looks tragically white in your maps).

  • Katie–If we colored in Sweden based on a mailing from the West Village, I think we could justify painting Australia red if you sent us a square. We’re not going to suck all the fun out of the Afghanalong with a lot of legalistic hoo-ha. Come on! No courage needed! All squares lovingly photographed (eventually), and so far all of them have provided something dear for me to verbalize about.
    Would love to hear an Aussie Meets Beantown accent. xox Kay

  • I have just stumbled upon your site and think the afghan idea is such a good one! what really puts me out, though, is the fact that ireland isn’t coloured in. is there still enough time to knit up my leftovers and send them on?
    i’m already plotting out some shamrock intarsia 😉

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