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  • My answer shall be: “I was just wondering what’s going on myself – you’re the fifth person I’ve seen NOT knitting today! Did you forget your WIP?”

  • “Where’s your WIP?”

  • “It keeps the birds off.”

  • Knitting? This is crochet.

  • “We’ve instituted our world takeover plan. Would you like a badge?”
    (Apropos of nothing, if that is an actual Barbie, that is the *most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen*. My ornithophobia appears to be out in spades this week.)

  • It’s what all the cool kids are doing. Where’s yours?
    I was in Costco today with a partially knit tank top for my daughter in the cart (because doesn’t everyone knit while waiting in line or wandering aimlessly thru the canyons of industrial sized Spaghetti-O cans and 20 packs of men’s white athletic socks and noshing on sample sizes of Greek yogurt and faux crab salad??). The young man who was unloading the items onto the belt picked up the yarn and the circular needle with a puzzled expression on his face and asked “do we sell these here?”. My 9yo (the future tank top recipient) replied “nah- that’s my Mom’s. She brings knitting everywhere.” I’m one of the cool kids. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

  • “Where’ve you been today?
    “Apparently we have some holes to fill, Sue.” [this line spoken into walkie-talkie, to another (unseen) organizer.]

  • “it’s a movement”, then sing a few bars of Alice’s Restaurant. πŸ™‚

  • Oh… BP put a call out for some extra dishrags!

  • “You haven’t heard about the execution?” – this in a tone of complete amazement and incomprehension

  • “I’m knitting sheep covers”

  • “…ah… good…the mind control is working…”

  • Only five?

  • It’s because you have entered…The Twilight Zone. *cue eerie music*

  • Only five? Did you just get up?

  • I pity the fool that doesn’t knit in public. Hehe – I’m 12!

  • So many possible replies ran through my head at once that they had a train wreck behind my eyeballs and I had to go have a bit of a lie-down to recover… Here are a few of the more non-strange ones
    *looking inscrutable as I purl madly* Knitting? What is this ‘knitting’ of which you speak?”
    “Yarn on, yarn off. Don’t forget to breathe.”
    “It’s a conspiracy. But we don’t have a theory yet. Can you spare a theory? I’m leaning towards aliens. On a grassy knoll. Knitting aliens on a grassy knoll.”
    Alice’s Restaurant ran through my head too.
    “I am Knit-cutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. You will be assimilated.”
    Um, so yeah, those are my least weird responses. As you may have guessed, it’s been One of Those Weeks at my house. Several of my ideas involved knitted corsets and mixed drinks…

  • “Oh no, only 5? There should have been at least 20 on your path today! Let me see what’s going on. Here, hold this…” (puts needles and yarn in questioner’s hand)
    “No, hold it this way… (shows how to hold needles and yarn) “…and do this.”
    “Got another one here!”

  • “If I weren’t sitting here knitting, I’d be sitting here doing nothing at all.”

  • Having the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Well, I guess you could knit naked but I won’t go there.

  • What’s going on?; Sticks and String Babe, you either do it, or you should!

  • All I can say is, now I have to go get not only the Birds, but also a film called Marnie which I only just learned about.
    I plan on being at a world record attempt — most knitters on one planet or something like that. So I’ll see more than 5, god willing!

  • I mean, “about which I only just learned.” My gawd.

  • What, you didn’t get the memo?

  • My response:
    “Yes, my dear, and we have been watching you, too” (followed by a real eerie Dr. Evil-type laugh)

  • Love them all I’ll let you know if I get to use any of them tomorrow-

  • Woah, when I opened the page I was STRUCK DUMB by the Birds Barbie! Holy Toledo!
    The comments above are great! πŸ™‚
    I knitted today in a Very Official Meeting and three people asked me about it afterwards–so I’ve primed the pump, I guess. πŸ™‚ Plus I think I maybe enabled someone who is now going to look for Socks That Rock online… πŸ™‚
    I’ll be knitting in public again tomorrow! Looking forward to the udpates!

  • NOT knitting is the new yoga ;-).
    You didn’t know? It’s national Knit in Public Day! And I am!

  • Scuse me — WORLD WIDE, not national —

  • “We’re not supposed to talk about it. Move along.”

  • I love this! Here is my response: “It knits whenever it is told or else it gets the hose again.” If they ask again, repeat “It knits whenever it is told, or else it gets the hose again.” on and on until they are tooo weirded out to ask the other knitter they see that day.

  • What’s going on is knitting–and I like Cozy Shack Rice Pudding, too! (oops, wrong post….)

  • “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.”
    (OK, I’m dating myself. πŸ˜‰

  • 1. Obviously, you didn’t get an invitation.
    2. We’re making the world a better place, stitch by stitch.

  • Don’t you read the news? Apparently not.

  • “That’s because the knitters of the world are knitting a giant Absorba to soak up all that nasty spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s a pair of needles and some yarn, let me show you what you can do to help us.”

  • Same thing we do every day, Pinky… try to take over the world!
    (I sooo hope that I get to use that one.)

  • Only five, that surprises me, it’s so addictive because it’s so good fun, it’s nearly dangerous. Never ever start knitting!

  • Forgive me, I haven’t had my tea yet. Here are the 2 responses that popped into my sleepy brain:
    “I’m knitting an invisibility cloak so no-one will ask me what I’m doing when I knit.”
    “Well, someone has to knit those 5-packs of socks you buy at Target!”

  • I knit yesterday in a public meeting with 300 other people at a United Church of Christ gathering in Grinnell, Iowa. At least three other knitters/crocheters in sight. Got the Baby Bib o’Love on the needles, using the Baby Genius Burp Cloth stitch pattern, btw. Thanks for the KIP event notice! The gavel falls again at 8 a.m. Just for the record, I really like the comment that BP is looking for extra dishrags.

  • “It’s the antidote.”
    (Perhaps followed by an evil laugh.)

  • Great idea. Love the picture.

  • “The knitting zombies are taking over!”

  • OR we could pull a Gaslight (since we’ve got one great old movie in the works here) – say something like “I don’t know what you’re talking about, no one else is doing this” or even freakier “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just sitting here reading a book.” We’d need to be the master of our facial expression – pull a good Charles Boyer expression – and it would really help if someone was sitting with us, who would also say “yeah, she’s just reading a book, what’s wrong with you?”

  • “Didn’t see the Walmart ad? They ran out of socks.”
    That’s it, that’s all I got pre-coffee.

  • In the vein of The Red Shoes…
    “WE CAN’T STOP!!!!!”
    or from A Tale of Two Cities and Madame Defarge
    “We’re all knitting the names of the counter-revoluntionaries.”
    or actually, my most realistic response would be:
    “I love to knit – it’s fun and creative. Would you like to try?”

  • Hello…My name is Anna. We are of peace. Always.

  • “Hello…My name is Anna. We are of peace. Always.”

  • I would say….It’s a treasure hunt! You didn’t hear? You’re supposed to find as many as you can, note all and what they are knitting, then go to this address to report your findings. I would then hand them the address of my LYS.
    Then they can win a knitting lesson with the purchase of yarn . Make More Knitters!

  • [With a slightly batty off-handedness] “Uh-oh…”

  • You mean other people do this too? I thought I had finally done something new!

  • I knit every day in public (I take the train to work). Most people just give me funny looks! Strangers usually don’t say anything…but I have connected with other knitters/crocheters on the train!

  • One option: I’m only the 5th person you’ve seen? Now that you’ve spotted the trend, you’ll see a whole lot more!
    Another option: I’ve got to to finish a pair of stockings a day, in addition to my all other tasks. What have you produced today?
    Third option: Hold on, I’m counting…

  • It’s part of the initiation rites for a VERY exclusive secret society. Didn’t you get invited to join? Sorry about that.

  • Haven’t you heard? Researchers at [insert prestigious university of choice] have just discovered that the manipulation of yarn and needles burns an unexpectedly huge amount of calories. There was just an article in [insert women’s magazine of choice]. Check back with me in a month – I’m going on a beach vacation and I’m going to look great!

  • I’ll probably go with, “It’s worldwide knit in public day” so we can show people how much fun it is to knit!”

  • Try as I might, I got nothing.

  • (scoffs) “Don’t you read the blogs?”
    “I’m a League member.” (veiled reference to the Scarlet Pimpernel)
    (smiles menacingly and brandishes about pointy knitting needle) “You mean… you DON’T?”
    Best I can do with three little munchkins clamoring for my attention! I think they want to drag me outside to play… πŸ˜‰ Does it count as knitting in public if it’s in my backyard?

  • BP is paying $25 per handmade mop. This cotton is really absorbent.

  • oh, you poor thing, if you only knew….

  • Stitch by Stitch we are getting closer to world domination.

  • see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, KNIT

  • Most of my KIP comments are, “You’re so smart to bring something to do while you wait!” I tend to be waiting in Dr’s offices a lot lately…and this Dr is always 1hr behind. A whole lot of of people just blinking…and waiting. My response, “I would totally lose my sanity if I didn’t have my knitting with me.”

  • “I’m contributing to Global Warming”

  • Knitting is relaxing and creative. Sure beats playing annoying games on a cell phone.

  • You mean I’m only the 5th person. Where the h*** have you been all day???

  • Tinkers of the World untie!
    KIPping is not a city in China.
    Have you hugged a sheep today?

  • (Wouldn’t want to turn someone off bysounding too snarky, so….) I’d probably just say, “I’m knitting! It’s Knit in Public Day!”

  • While I usually smile and tell them “yes, I’m knitting”, and “no, it’s not hard” and tell them what I’m knitting (a sock, an afghan, etc.) and listen to how their grandma used to knit, I would love to say “I knit so I don’t kill people.” πŸ™‚ They actually have that on a t-shirt — I might have to buy one someday.

  • *wave of hand in Jedi fashion*
    “This is not the knitting you are looking for. You do not need to see my identification. Move along.”

  • I always have a project with me to knit. It keeps my fingers busy…

  • We ran out of knitting material to read on the internet, so we are all frantically creating blog-fodder.

  • I’m travelling today/tomorrow from Wellington New Zealand to San Diego, via Auckland and San Francisco. if I can get my wooden circular on the successive planes, I will certainly knit in public on the plane and at airports.

  • No need to witty. I would just say it’s how I relax and I’m not surprised that so many other people are doing it.

  • sshhh! It’s a stakeout!

  • So far all I got was “both of you are knitting and I’m just sitting here eating. What’s wrong with this picture?” I just said “Nothing, but I’ll teach you…”

  • ps. It’s the slow clothes movement.

  • We were on a scavenger hunt by I Knit London – to find 90 numbered pieces of knitting, yarn-bombed around Central London – and another part of the hunt was to knit the longest length in DK on 4 mm needles, in garter stitch. We got lots of questions. Answers were always “we’re on a scavenger hunt”, and the responses ranged from “cool!” to “I haven’t seen anyone knitting for years” (well that’s funny because I see other people knitting at least 2 or 3 times a week on the Tube or similar!) to “oh, they do something like that in Vancouver” (from tourists in Westminster).
    By the way, our knitter won with over 6 feet of garter stitch (unstretched, just the length dangling from the needle) in 6 hours. Walking, debating pulling pints with people in the pub (one of the photos we had to collect), crossing the road and everything!
    I’ll update on any other comments; I have five lace shawls to knit in five weeks (don’t ask) so I am knitting every waking second I can – on the tube, at home, in non-work meetings, in my lunch hour, at coffee with friends…
    London, UK

  • Actually, I answer, “No, it is not hard. Yes, I just started not too long ago and have graduated to dish cloths. I am working on an afghan for my sister because that IS portable and does not require concentration. Yes, you could learn.”

  • Actually, I answer, “No, it is not hard. Yes, I just started not too long ago and have graduated to dish cloths. I am working on an afghan for my sister because that IS portable and does not require concentration. Yes, you could learn.”

  • Actually, I answer, “No, it is not hard. Yes, I just started not too long ago and have graduated to dish cloths. I am working on an afghan for my sister because that IS portable and does not require concentration. Yes, you could learn.”

  • I can only tell you if you join us!

  • Do you live under a rock? It’s World Wide Knit in Public Day! Didn’t you hear it on the news?

  • It’s the newest trend and the easiest form of exercise!

  • knitting is going on

  • My kitchen is going to be demolished on Monday (and presumably promptly renovated) so I’m up to my knees in extraneous cookery gadgets and out-of-date canned goods. My brain is tired. My reply to any question right now would be Huh?
    So please can I use Su182’s “It’s the slow clothes movement.”?
    That has to be the Best. Response. Ever. I hope she wins.

  • Oops, The slow clothes movement comment was by Su1282, not Su182.

  • “Awww, crap…now I have to count these 200 something stitches again!!”

  • As we KIP’d at the Farmers Market today, the conversation came ’round to promoting the Yarn Bombing event our library is sponsoring in the Fall. When shown the photo of the yarn-bombed bus in Mexico City [in YARN BOMBING, the book and on the website], this self-appointed-advisor-to-entrepeneurs suggested we should knit advertising slipcovers for buses, that we could make a ton of money, yadayadayada… Too funny.

  • “The aliens told us to do it. Knitting is the next crop circle, dude.”

  • Wide-eyed, “They’re coming to take my needles away.”

  • what am i doing honey
    a week in bermuda handsome
    will get you all the answers to your questions
    yes i give lessons

  • I did not knit in public today. I may not get a chance to do so during the week. But I did knit in public at the doctor’s office on Friday. I did get quite a few comments from others who wanted to know what I was making and why I needed to carry so much with me (I was finishing one project and had another started, but I couldn’t lock it in the car due to the unsafe area and I didn’t want my knitting stolen). As to why no KIP, I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and have been ordered to rest, so taking my three daughters somewhere to KIP was not an option.

  • Aha! Now you are required to take over until someone asks you! Don’t resist; they’re watching.

  • World domination

  • We gathered to knit today under the gazebo on Main St. in our little town! There were 3 or 4 small boys in tow (who had all left their knitting at home!), so the space felt pretty small pretty fast. I don’t know if there were any questions from passersby– I then took my scarf project over to the next town, Cowansville, where Elliot was in a track meet. I knit in 2 municipalities today!

  • “It’s slow magic. See? You wave your hands around holding these sticks and some string and, voila, socks! Or a sweater or a hat or mittens or a bib or ANYTHING! Wanna learn?”
    That’s what I plan to say tomorrow when the Bay City Knitting Guild KIPs in Jackson Square across from the YW. 1-4 PM, be there or be square.

  • We’re kipping!

  • Join us!

  • Yeah, the “it’s the antidote” and “slow clothes” are kind of as snarky-clever as I could get. Horrible, though? My first thought was punny: “What is going on? You’ve finally taken the wool off your eyes and you see the people around you. And they are knitting.” More likely to actually come out of my mouth: “Knitting is going on.”
    The slow clothes, movement, indeed. So good, that one.

  • There are countless numbers of people not knitting around me, and yet, I am able to resist questioning them about what they are doing.
    This is a fun contest. I like reading what everyone else wrote. I wouldn’t really give my response to anyone, but I confess that I feel a little bit better to think of saying it to some of the people who have gotten quite intense and personal with their questioning of my knitting.

  • I did not Knit In Public today, due to my partner’s illness and project deadlines, but I did Sing In Public tonight. (With the rest of my choir.)
    I also love “Slow Clothes.” Our….time….has….finally…come…..
    There is actually a February 9,2009 article on “Slow Fashion” in The Christian Science Monitor online edition.

  • “Aren’t you on Ravelry?”

  • “Just a sec – I’m counting……”

  • “Not now – I’m counting…..”

  • “Wait a sec; I’m counting.”

  • “I don’t know about the others, but I just thought it’d be nice to sit and knit for a while!”

  • My answer would be, “it beats Prozac!”
    Sometimes I am asked what I am making, and then I can tell them that it is a Red Scarf for the Orphan Foundation.
    I took my knitting to the airport waiting area yesterday (the place outside security where you can wait for arriving passengers.) I was only there about 10 minutes, but didn’t see any other knitters, and didn’t get any questions…. I usually knit in public at least 3 times a week. Occasionally I see another knitter.

  • I would love to be a party to anything that freaks out the masses. I think that people should spread out with the knitting just to get people wondering…

  • It’s fun and easy. I have extra yarn and needles. Want to join in the fun?

  • Usually the question is – “Is that knitting?” I’d like a snappy answer to that. One time a talkative person who hangs around retail stores without intending to purchase anything (a little crazy) asked me this question IN A YARN STORE!
    As for the question about frequency of seeing knitters in public – they don’t REALLY want to know, so I say “What a coincidence!”

  • Knitting? You didn’t know it’s the new yoga? Much better than “downward dog” let me tell you.

  • I had to teach a seminar yesterday – it was a long and tiring day but I set a good example for my students and also knitted a sock in class during discussions. One of my students saw me knitting the day before (it was a two day ordeal) and brought a baby blanket for her first grandchild. Another woman brought her counted cross stitch (a picture of a walking zombie). They will get A’s. The rest of the class was mostly male, including a fire fighter whose wife taught my teenage boy to knit as a school project… He told me he found knitting impossible.

  • Oh, didn’t you know it’s make a cozy for your man day?

  • “Going on you say? Have you not been watching the news today? Don’t you realize what’s happened? And it’s totally unexplainable.” (then I get up, gather my knitting and walk away from this individual whose jaw has dropped open – he really should close his mouth before a fly rushes in!)

  • Rats, missed it again. Bright side I did knit in public at an Irish pub over dinner, despite the poor lighting.

  • I had to laugh when I read your title today. I thought ‘oh yes, that’s one for me….’ In England a kip is a nap!
    I like the idea of knitting in public though – I think I’ll give that one a try.
    When I came to live in Switzerland 20 years ago the commuter trains were always full of women knitting on their way to work . Times have changed though – I haven’t seen anyone knitting in public for a very long time!

  • The first rule of knit club is we don’t talk about knit club.

  • Oops! I double-posted several posts back. I didn’t think my first post went through for some reason; so, I wrote again – the second time with quotation marks…
    No matter – a round of drinks for everyone on me!!!

  • I would answer what my t-shirt from Franklin says. “Oh this. I learned to do this in prison. Was there a prison break today?” I had that t-shirt on when a police officer came into our CURVES to check on someone who was parking in the handicap area. I told him I was so excited when he walked in because I thought he was a “stripper gram”. He asked if I had really learned to knit in prison.

  • A funny story–but true. My sister and her husband were traveling in Iowa today and the car conked out. While waiting for AAA, they sat under an overpass–he read and she was knitting. No one even honked!! Now that is knitting in public.

  • Kay and Ann put us up to it!

  • “My assimilation plan is finally working! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  • “would you like to learn? then you can be the 6th”

  • Obi-Wan: “You will go to the Dagobah system.”
    Luke: “Dagobah system?”
    Obi-Wan: “There you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me.”

  • I vote for the “slow clothes movement” comment!

  • My response would be: “It’s a silent, nonviolent revolution. Slowly, but surely, we are inflitrating your masses. At the dentist, mall, in restaurants, on camping trips, at the cleaners, we are talking over the world. Insidiously. This is the first time you have noticed us, but we are everywhere, all the time.” I would say this in an erie conspiracy fanatic voice.

  • This weekend I was camping in the Newberry Volcanic Monument area in Oregon… the campground attendant came by to collect our fee and noticed my hand-knit purse. She said, “it’s such a shame that knitting is a vanishing art.” I was too shocked to say much… She went on to say that she used to knit but now she’s into beading. Huh.

  • “This is not knitting… this is my precioussssss”

  • Knowing me, I’d reply “Shut up! I’m counting stitches!”

  • I vote for jessica at 6/11/10 7:18PM… “BP put a call out for some extra dishrags!” Love it!
    I knitted in public on Sunday in a beautiful garden. We were all knitters so no “stupid” questions were asked only a good time for all.

  • I’m one of those people who can only think of a snappy comeback at 2 a.m. in the morning so of course I have no snappy comment for KIP. I just wanted to comment on the Barbie/Tippi doll on your posting. This is how I remember Barbie from my early childhood—classy and looking like she was dressed in Chanel. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  • So glad that Arlo Guthrie has come up in the comments because that is just what came to mind when I read your post. The knitting has been scarce in my life lately, but maybe this is the week to pick it up. You know. For the cause.

  • “It’s the new bailout offered by Congress: knit 10,000 yd of yarn and get $50,000. Little did they know that my 10,000 yd of cashmere cost at least $60K!”

  • “WE are KNITTING.
    It’s much more relaxing, Much more effective, (and much cheaper) than THERAPY!
    Why? What do YOU do?”
    Don’t you LOVE EZ saying that you can be doing what you love, and taking care of yourself (getting some “me” time) while giving the appearance of looking very productive. (I “WE are KNITTING.
    It’s much more relaxing, Much more effective, (and much cheaper) than THERAPY!
    Why? What do YOU do?”
    Don’t you LOVE EZ saying that you can be doing what you love, and taking care of yourself (getting some “me” time) while giving the appearance of looking very productive. (I <3 Knitting)
    ( sorry . . . 'process knitter' . . . ) Ha!

  • “If I told you I’d have to kill you.” (surprised I haven’t seen that one yet)
    “Just a sec, let me finish this row.”

  • we are working on a giant cozy for an offshore oil rig.

  • I would answer this way:
    “Oh good you’ve noticed, it’s a conspiracy to take over the world. Don’t worry you’ll be assimilated.” πŸ™‚

  • I’m in therapy and knitting is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

  • I often knit in public and people are frequently interested. I just read about your blog in Sweater Quest. I’d like to put a request out there: I’m in need of one skein of Cleckheaton merino spun in ecru. If anyone has some they would be willing to sell, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks!