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  • I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Have fun y’all, I’ll be thinking of you, and have an extra piece of Swiss chocolate … in Switzerland.

  • You haven’t ever MET?! Wow. I’m gobsmacked. But may we be enlightened as to WHO made that G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S square in the photo? There have been a multitude of beautiful ones, but I’m really in love with that one! I unfortunately can’t make it to Manhattan for the 12th, dang it.

  • Norma–I made that square, but it was Kay who unearthed the joy of the Peaches n Creme cotton dishcloth pattern. She was in Omaha visiting family, and ended up in Wal-mart, and snagged some $1.28 Peaches n Creme (that’s Faded Denim and Fiesta Ombre) which included the dishcloth pattern on the ball band.
    You know, now that I look at this again, this pattern is really similar to what I’m using to make Big Daddy’s Piano Bench Cushion. (Scroll down to have a look at it.) It’s amazing what slipping a stitch can do.
    So sorry we’ll miss you in New York!

  • Manhattan. Hmmmmmmmmmm??? Is that Manhattan in New York City or Manhattan as in Manhattan Kansas? HaHa!

  • I have been reading this blog for the past several months. Y’all are a scream. I wish I could come to Manhattan that weekend, but alas and alack – my 3-D life is a little hectic right now.
    I think it is hysterical that you two have never met. How did y’all get this blog concept together? I’ve tried to read up on the story, but couldn’t.
    Happy Knitting,

  • What are you t`alking about? You’ll love each other. :0)

  • heavens…. never met in the flesh????… you’ve saved this important piece of information til the very end, and pulled the wool over our eyes! i assumed you were ole college cronies, or even harkened back to elementary school days. what fun! you are two peas in a pod, truly!

  • I think I’ll call Oprah and see if I can have her film the event.

  • I wish I could join the fun!! You will have a blast!
    I too am more than curious how two women who have never met but clearly are *muy simpatico* came to be the force behind MDK….PLEASE tell your avid fans the story 🙂
    PS – Have lots of knitting water for me!!

  • I’m completely flabbergasted!
    Have-never-met? I apparently had “written” an entire backstory about you two. Why you are sisters, my dears, separated by miles and miles and your only link is blogland and snail mail.
    Your careers and the lifework of your husbands require you live above and below the “Line”. Your husbands have given your blog their blessings, since they are sensitive gentlemen and understand how the distance pains you.
    Your separation is even more tragic, since you are not only biologically, chemically, molecularly, genetically nearly identical, you are soul sistas to boot!
    Holey Smokes! You simply must viotape the meeting and stream it on the blog somehow. Retreating for a reality check now…

  • Can it really be true that you’ve never met? I just don’t believe it. Please tell us how MDK came to be. It’s almost unnerving!

  • quoi??
    i admit that i have also scrolled back, waaay back, in an attempt to read the story behind the beginning of the blog. i love this new turn in the story line and its climactic quality… do tell!

  • OHHH I just want to be there to see you two together.

  • Ah, come to the sew-up and we’ll tell you the whole tangled tale. Let’s just say we’re wanted in four states for holding up liquor stores and yarn shops.

  • Hee hee…I feel special because I know how it came to happen!
    Ladies, you have absolutely no idea how much I wish I could be there. Please, share lots of photos and I’m expecting a blow-by-blow account, y’hear???
    P.S. I second Pubah’s motion on videotaping the event!!!

  • I really (rilly) wish I could be there too! Imagine missing out on the big meeting!!! I’m thirding Pubah & Becky’s motion – live webcam action please! Or at least LOADS of photos!

  • oh how I wish I could be there to witness the tear-jerking event! – photo’s and LOTS of them, please – especially if a fight develops over how to mattress stitch 🙂
    Hope you all have a fab time. Eat chocs & down a beer or two for me?

  • I can’t believe you’ve never met! I, too, had a backstory – you were childhood friends, separated by marriage, work, and the demands of child-rearing. I pictured two-family vacations, I pictured lots of phone calls conducted in sunny kitchens with coffee, and knitting, and gurgling babies. And then, one of you discovered BLOG-land…thus permitting us to participate vicariously in your lives 🙂 And yes, my GOD, that is a lovely square. I have to make a sweater in that, although I doubt I’d want it in dishcloth yarn…

  • Wha? You really are two people? In my backstory you’re one blogging knitter with a personality disorder. I’m feeling a bit cheated. Do you think you could at least wear matching outfits for the sew bee?

  • You two are just the absolute cutest thing–hosting a sew-along party with the irresistable bonus of a first-time face-to-face. If only I could justify this to the Hubster. Yeah, right: “Honey, I’ll be in Manhattan for the weekend.” “For what?” “A Afghan-square Sew-Along Party with some of my blog buddies.” “Hit the snooze button dear, because you’re still DREAMING!” Darn!

  • You’ve never met face-to-face!!!!!! I am so ditching my mother-in-law to come to this event!

  • If it weren’t for my father’s 85th birthday party, I would so be there to help sew and to hear the backstory!