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  • I just have to tell you guys that I LOVE the book — it’s a delight to read. Thank you.

  • Y’all are in Omaha TODAY? The day of the crazy Warren Buffet pilgrimage?! Try to convince some of those rich people that yarn is the new gold.

  • After having a blog entry today titled “Dear Ann and Kay,” I think I need to get over to Christina’s new site and join up. I am obsessed I tell ya!
    Honestly, the book is great. I love it and look forward to sharing it with a couple of new knitting groups I founded (one at work and one at church). Anyway, great book and I think you guys ROCK!

  • I’ve been meaning to tell ya’ll that my mother calls your book my “Bible”. I keep telling her she needs to look at it (she’s not a knitter), but I won’t let her take it out of my sight. She says she may get to see it this winter, I don’t know. Separation anxiety? I think so! I’ve already made 2 or 3 things and plan on many more.

  • I am your incognito denim knitter! That’s the start of my Patrick pullover from the Rowan Denim book. Kay, I have “Indigo Knits” on the brain and can’t wait for it to come out. Thanks so much for telling me about it.

  • Kansas City sounds like an interesting place 😉 and it sounds like you are having a great time!
    Woooo Hoooo! Going to check out the Knit-a-long site 🙂

  • I have to say I absolutely, completely and totally adore your book. Really. Ya’ll rock.
    I’m pretty jazzed about the Knitalong, too. It’ll force me to choose a project. No pressure, right?

  • Thanks for a fun evening Thursday! It was a blast meeting you and seeing all the book projects “in thaperson.” The mitered squares are calling my name! Glad you tried Jack Stack…it’s the BEST. How’d you like the Valomilks? And I have a shot of mystery guy on my blog, too..wonder if we’ll ever know the real story? Happy knitting from the log cabin baby blanket knitter!

  • Hey, creepy shoulder-rubbing guy?? Please back away from my frehns. Seriously, y’all. He makes me nervous.

  • OMG this post was way to funny. Valomilks mmmmmm here in NC you can find them at Cracker Barrel and Hobby Lobby, did I say Mmmmmmm.
    Yes today is Kentucky Derby good reason to have a Mint Julep.
    I joined the KAL and have already made your dish cloth and loved the whole process. I’m also going to attempt the rug as I have a lot of cotton to get me started.
    Hugs ladies – absolutely love the book.

  • Wow…a scary back rubber. Did you make him feel like he had to rub your back in order for you to sign…maybe you were holding back and giving the lone man some type of vibe.

  • When you find out who that guy was, send him to my next signing…will ya?

  • I feel like I should apologize on behalf of our city! I wish I could have been there, but a work function kept me away; I did get my book signed in absentia. Not to be confused with dementia, which I think Sir Masseur might have just a TITCH of….. or perhaps he’s just a… SUPERfan.
    The lady with the gorgeous cabled denim sweater is Kyra; I’d recognize that mug, er, knitting, anywhere. 🙂 As for Kansas City – Come back anytime, we’re not all crazy, we promise we’ll keep you safe & serve you more BBQ!

  • Thanks for taking a picture of my friend Kirsten and me! After getting her book signed by y’all and winning the prize for greatest distance travelled she exclaimed, “It was so worth it to come!” Ahem. And I thought I was her long lost friend that she had been missing! She won’t live that one down for quite some time! Y’all were great! And we’ve both cast on blankets!

  • You definitely had the proper KC experience with Jack Stack BBQ. I can’t wait to get started on projects from your book. Hope your tour comes through Chicago! 🙂

  • Ladies I LOVE YOUR BOOK! Backstage at my daughter’s ballet performance of Coppelia we were all poring over it-both moms and dancers-and we are definitely going to be starting some new projects. I don’t even know where to start but thanks for the motivation to maybe finish one of the gazillion things that are half knit so I can start the new!

  • Your mystery man looks like the actor who played the Army officer/father of one of the teenage boys in “Twin Peaks.” A quick trip to IMDB reveals his name is Don S. Davis http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0204493/
    So, when are y’all coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul? Lots of knitters up here, too, who would LOVE to meet you.

  • Did you all know that he was actually a stipper disguised as a back-massaging stranger?! I guess he was too embarassed to go into his “act.”
    Too bad for you. xo,w.

  • This looks like a lot of fun – I’m so excited about the knit along site!

  • I had to run over here to see what was going on! After logging into my email and seeing an amazing 50 new emails…I thought…those Mason Dixon girls must be up to something!! Thanks for “shot out”, I’m glad everyone is as excited as I am about this!! Now, on to sign-ups…and little log-cabin knitting!

  • I just love your blog. Now I have to see if I can buy you book DownUnder! Otherwise, get ready Amazon (once again {sigh} the exchange rate and postage are killers) to melt some more plastic!

  • Hey, I’m really sorry about Uncle Edgar, he got home Ok in case you’re wondering. We sent him out to get a Masonry drill, and I guess he got his wires crossed seeing as he was in the navy. He never hurts anyone and doesn’t remember much – except he has gathered all my needles together and is looking at them 2″ from his face. Bless you.

  • I’m with Kathy, throwing in my vote for a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul.

  • That backrubber guy/dude/weirdness was . . . not especially normal for these parts. Normally.
    Jack Stack? Next time you’re in town you MUST get the original – Arthur Bryant’s. The stuff of kings, I tell ya. But I’ll take you and show you the ropes because if you don’t order just right you get treated sorta like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

  • If you developed a valomilk addiction — you can order them from Vermont Country Store but do it quick I don’t think they send chocolate out in the summer – something about it melting…..

  • I’m suddenly very very hungry.

  • Just wanted to let you know I am knitting a buttonhole bag (mother’s day gift!) as I’m reading the chronicles of your book tour adventures – lots of fun! And congratulations on your tremendous success!

  • A dishcloth rug! So genius. Although, so many dishcloths…
    When I ever, ever finish the fishie baby blanket, I plan on shredding some black-and-white toile scraps someone gave me two years ago for a rug. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Dear Ann and Kay,
    Ummm, after many times touching and admiring your book in the store, I finally broke down and bought it on Friday. I scribbled myself a scarf on Saturday (I’m wearing it now) while reading your wonderful book. I’ve never knitted and read at the same time before! Anyway, I have only been knitting for 8 months, but I knit every day now. Anywhere I can. I LOVE your book, I LOVE the idea to cover everything I have with knitting. I love your stories and the way you give your reader the tools to set off on their own – I’m not a pattern kind of girl anyway. I have a baby blanket to do, and I am going to use Joseph’s blanket of many colors as my starting point. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I will keep a look out! I live in KC also. Glad to see someone talk about KC on a knitting site! I cannnever find one! Thanks again,. very cute story!

  • Hi Ladies, wow that was an interesting signing:-) .. had the foot surgery – butnot till this past thursday.. am venturing out in 30 minutes to head to the dr.. so Kay if you see me.. lend me a hand so i can use one to knit :-0 hee..hee.. then it is off to the head therapist and then unemployment.. that should be interesting.. knitting up a storm since yesterday morning.. finished up a pair of socks and about half way done with one of 4.. my friend Cynthia who was with me the night of the signing at seaport yarns.. picked up some cute black with yellow, pink and purple specks in it.. it knits up very cool and i’m making buddy socks just plain and i’ve already gotten to the gusset doing a toe up on it.. hope to have them finished by thursday.. at a sock a day i’m cruising and even getting in some computer time too.. 🙂 hugs karola

  • I was fortunate enough to attend the event here in KC and found true inspiration! It was a rush being able to see the projects in person to know what they will look and feel like. I can’t wait to cast on!

  • Thank you Ann and Kay for a great time in KC and a fantastic excuse to leave the family to their own devices for 3 days while I spent time with my wonderful friend Beth. And she’s right, I may never live that comment down, as well as the fact that I made her take me to 3 yarn stores in search of the perfect yarn and colors for the “haunted” moderne baby blanket. We settled on your favorite, Kay, Rowan denim. With any luck, this version will not be haunted. So far, so good. Thanks for a great book!

  • just sent a copy to my mom for mother’s day. we can join the kal.
    p.s. cute baby alert on my blog today!

  • Jack Stack is one of my favorites – I can prove it. I’ve never been there! I have it delivered to me in NYC – great bbq.
    I’m jealous you actually went, and not just once. :c)

  • I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t make it to meet you guys when you were only a couple hours away and in my home state! I was waiting to buy the book until you were in my area, but since I missed you… and now there’s a KAL… I’m just going to have to buy it. I’ve held the book and looked at it for probably hours in the book store, so it’s just time to take the plunge! I love the blog, and can’t wait to start the KAL!

  • mmmmmm Valomilks…only available at Cracker Barrels up north here… 🙁 Unless you get lucky and hit a decent candy shop! Then SCORE!! 🙂 (My life is ruled by chocolate and yarn, not necessarily in that order.)

  • I was delighted to see your posting about Yarn Shop & More in Overland Park, KS – because I’ve scouted it out to stop at when we’re there for the 4th of July visiting my hubby’s family…
    When are you coming to DENVER??? Huh??? Please??? I want you to come to my house and knit and be my new friends! (Okay – sorry – I got a little carried away, there!)
    My mom turned me on to you guys – and am I ever thankful! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! You are terrific!

  • Oh, how I miss burnt ends! It’s a little known fact (says Cliffy) that Kansas has great BBQ, and not just in KC. In the little burgs, too. I have been transplanted to Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and it’s just not the same up here. Course there’s not much lutefisk to be found in KC, but if had my choice…. The bright side is we have tons of great knit shops here. Surely you could find your way to one 3?

  • Hmm… I’m starting to think that DC/Maryland/Virginia should have made more of an effort to show off our food. But as a (relatively) recent transplant myself, I’m not sure what that might me, other than crab cakes. And any obscure foreign food you might want – you know we’ve got like 2 or 3 Burmese restaurants here?
    Well, it looks like you’re having fun, anyway. Enjoy America’s heartland!

  • Dear Ann and Kay,
    I love the posts about the book tour; they’re the next best thing to going with you, from one great yarn shop to another and one great local restaurant to the next. But I keep wondering: how’s the perfect sweater pattern coming? Any updates will be APPRECIATED.

  • Wow… that looks like a mug shot… with a swell knitting book! 😀 Weird.
    Sometimes I wish someone would randomly approach me with a shoulder rub, then again, sometimes not. Coming to Canada soon???

  • Hi Ann and Kay —
    I see over on the sidebar that you are coming to Indy. Yea!!! However, that looks like a trade show — not open to the general public. Are you going to do a book signing that is open to the general public? Your publicist should contact Mass Ave Knit shop. You would love it and it is in the near downtown area.
    Hope to see you in my home town!

  • Now I’m boo hooing and I’ve never even been to a biography fair! Your Henry looks fab!

  • Glad you had a good time in our town–Kansas City, home of barbecue, state lines that bisect streets, and spontaneous back rubbers. Come back and visit again, real soon!

  • Thanks for posting our pic (Elizabeth and Mom Christine). My daughter now has decided she’s a star! She’s been inspired and has been working right along on her first felted bag and just had such fun “knitting with all you ladies….mom, you weren’t even all OLD and stuff…” jeez, such compliments! We’re starting our own little mom & daughter group here in our elementary school. Thanks again for visiting!!

  • Hello! I absolutely love your book! I’m hoping to see you at Mass Ave. Knit Shop in Indy in June. I must confess, crochet is my passion, but I also love to knit. I teach both, too. My friend, Paulette, and I are the crochet equivalent to “Mason-Dixon Knitting”. I call it “Hoosier-Hollywood Crocheting”! Check out the “Fugly Yarn Help” saga at http://www.crochetville.org – you’ll see what I mean! Thanks for a delightful romp through the world of knitting. I can’t wait to make all of these projects!! I’m telling ALL my friends, whether they knit or not, to RUN & buy this book!! 😀