Yarns for Gilmore Girls Scarves

By Ann Shayne
December 5, 2016

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  • Eponymuff has been dancing around the edge of my mind and now you present these perfectly curated color pairings in a new favorite yarn! How is one to resist??

  • No, no, no, I do not need anymore yarn, I do not need anymore patterns, I will not live long enough to knit everything I want to knit. OK, placing my order now. Resistance is futile. You’re an enabler, Ann, an enabler I tell you. 🙂

  • LOVE Gilmore Girls! It was the re-boot that finally got me to stop resisting and decide to join the Netflix thingy. These scarves are great, and the kit colorways are beautiful. (And Paris and Rory look great, too!)

  • I watched the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls & loved it. You guys have great taste. After dinner with the grandmother the daughter says that she only heard “snippets” of their conversation. Any chance that you named your Snippets after this? I immediately noted the reference.