A Year of Techniques: Garter Stitch Short Rows!

By Kay Gardiner
October 4, 2017

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  • Thank you for your Birthday coupon. I ordered the Aran yarn for this hat looking forward to casting on & really learning short rows!

  • Waiting for my book (Techniques and Log Cabin) to arrive … my MDK shipping notification came yesterday (that free shipping was the instant impetus…)

    Bear With! Love the “Miranda” reference…..
    (love that WLIW is showing Miranda again ….)

  • Kudos for the Miranda reference! I often wish I could use “Bear with… bear with…” in daily conversation, but nobody I know has seen the show. (I live in the US.)

  • I’m with you – I follow short row instructions blindly. I used German short rows in a sweater last year, and thought they turned out better than wrap and turn, but the idea of converting a pattern from w&t to German was daunting. I’m hoping Jen can help make this all clear to me!

  • Cute hat! Another to the queue….
    PS appreciating the short row ode to Dr Suess too! xox

  • I am completely in love with Jen Arnall-Culliford and her gentle reassuring way of teaching! Like you, Kay, I am ” mired in low-level anxiety until the [insert new technique(s) here] are done.” For me, most recently, it was corrugated ribbing. As with many of those anxiety-producing new-to-me techniques, it was easy, once I got into the rhythm of it. But it would have been easier with Jen’s calm presence beside me! I think I need to practice those German short rows with Jen well before my next project!

  • Loved reading this will have to try the wooly hat

  • That Kay-I-Am, that Kay-I-Am
    How I do love you Kay-I-Am!

    (and Wooly Wormhead and Jen, too)

    Short rows always make me uneasy, because I’ve seen too many different ways of doing them without understanding why each one is done a different way. I use them in designing stockinette crescent shawls, and I fiddled until I made it look the way I wanted and then kept using it. No wrap and turn.

    But this video and hat will go a long way in helping me make peace with the short row. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this video on knitting short rows . I taught myself how to knit , and this just reading it was so confusing. I actually did it right , but was afraid that I wasn’t doing it right .