Yes, Knitters! A Free Gift with Purchase

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
November 23, 2018

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  • What fun!

  • Cute!

  • Do you have patterns?

  • the tote bag is so cute!! And I especially love the Christmas list… I was just asked this morning ‘I know you want some knitting things – how do I know what you’ll like?’ Now, I can provide the requested info so conveniently. 🙂

  • Thank you sooo much for this wish list. It’s the perfect way to get what I crave and (hopefully) avoid useless items I have no desire for. Happy holidays to all!

  • They were born to be illustrated… :D! xoxoA

  • I need neither more yarn nor more tote bags, but I cannot resist the Olive and Kermit bag — so I just ordered yarn for another Cockleshell cardigan, because my life is certainly filled with babies these days!

  • Brilliant marketing! There is no way I need more yarn either, but I cannot resist such an awesome tote bag. Meanwhile I am sure that Olive and Kermit are studying their paws with assumed nonchalance, while taking all the credit.

  • Cute illustrations of very cute pets! I’m confused about Peace Out. Are Kermit and Olive saying “Peace Out” (meaning, see you later)? Or are we saying Peace Out… to whomever? Is it a pun that I’m not getting?

    • Just curious as to your age group ?

  • I had to laugh, because a free gift is just what I need when I’m ordering from MDK @ least once a month or more.
    And who doesn’t love a goodie bag to go with more treasures ❤️