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  • Looks like a great time was had by all!! Wish Baby Jamie and I could have been there. Hats off to you and Ann for coming up with the Afghans project!! [PS..the immitigated pill comment cracked me up. My mother used to tell me NOT to be a pill. It annoyed me then…I find it funny now!]

  • Yippy! How fun. I had a fabulous time and look forward to the next meet-up. What?! You guys aren’t going to do this AGAIN next year. What are you crazy?! Blankets on laps keep this white girl warm as a snug bug.
    So great to meet you Kay you are as lovely in person as you are in your blog. And Ann, I’m loving my door prize (2 balls of Rowan Glace.) This will be my first experience with Rowan. I know, I know…it’s a miracle I didn’t get thrown out of the sewing bee. We’re talking starving post student blues here! That HAS to be a good enough excuse.

  • Oh, what a great surprise to finally see my squares! I’d love to pretend you saved the best for last, but I sadly fear they were in the “what on earth am I going to do with these?” pile . Wonderful work, you two — how many finished blankets did the project finally produce?

  • ….hey,… i LOVED jack benny… such a dry wit, and he played the violin!….joseph is just tooo cute in front of the blanket du jour! i’m quite sure he and the other young-uns added a bit of spice to the afghan bee. glory…each blanket is modern art…museum quality,… lifting our knitable spirits!

  • Oh Kay,
    Joseph really warmed up there at the end. When you guys first got there i think that i tried to shove 100 different things in his face hoping one would make him happy. Cupcakes, cookies, lemonade, CHEESE, chocolate, more cheese… finally it just clicked and before we knew it he was walking around the table inspecting everyones work say “hey… thats good sewing”. So funny.
    I had such a wonderful time!!! Kristen and I and are going to come to the city for a day trip or weekend sometime in the next month or two. We will have to let you know when we are coming! Possibly do lunch or somthing?
    Once again.. what a blast!!!!

  • Yes, I DID miss out. I’m not going to comment on the appalling and heartbreaking lack of the Kaycam, because Benedetta’s clearly got the job done. So many knitters! So many squares! It really was a bang-up way to conclude this project.
    And a big trans-Mason-Dixon-line high five to everyone who helped to finish that Nashville-started afghan. It really does take a village to sew up a blanket.
    Joseph has that “who? moi?” look down to perfection. RASCAL.
    A thousand thanks to everyone who stitched a seam, sewed a square, provided a snack to hungry sew-uppers.

  • It looks like that was such a fun day and Joseph…well, I loved the running commentary on Joseph. He looks like a sweetheart.
    (BTW, I’m starting my fourth Buttonhole bag. Love them!)

  • yippee yi, kay! looks like it was fun, thanks for the pix!

  • Looks like an excellent party! I love the pics and commentary (and especially Joseph). It’s great to see all the lovely afgans too – how many are there in the final count? Thanks for organising this Ann & Kay, it was great to knit AND feel virtuous at the same time!!!

  • Looks like a great time was had by all (even by Joseph with some delay). And yes I see the radioactive acrylic. I was wondering how you’d get it mixed in.

  • Well, I’m not going to whinge and whine that I wasn’t there, coz whose damn fault is THAT? Eh? But that Julia sure does know how to bring folks together, it looks like, huh? Dang, I’m feeling all left out up here. Those blankets are stunning — again!

  • Sniff. The last sewing up bee. What a ride.

  • Kay…my fiance had a great-grandmother who crocheted furiously, so I don’t anticipate me having to make too many afghans in my lifetime (believe me, every extra space and closet and old-fashioned trunk in our house is crammed with these works of art). But I do want to make one of these lovely things…specifically in squares like the one you’ve shown on your site! Any advice, books, comments? I don’t know where to start!
    I figure if I just start making random squares of some kind (sizing advice would be helpful here), I can eventually sew them up before I’m too old and feeble to handle it. 🙂

  • I just read the site with the translator. It made me laugh even more. You lot must have had a fab time. I am turning green

  • I’m so impressed by all these afghans. What’s your final tally? How many people have you helped to keep warm? I know that you’ve warmed the hearts of all of us who’ve been reading. Congratulations on an amazing feat!

  • is it taboo to “ditto” someone’s comments? if it isn’t then I’d like to ditto what Wendy said – Ann thanks for the Rowan Cotton Glace (my first!) and I’m sorry you weren’t able to join us! It was wonderful to meet you Kay, and I hope to knit with you again someday in the future. (Joesph is very aware of knitting terms, and after we quizzed him on what felting was it was evident he knew what he was talking about! 🙂 )

  • Hey, the Finnish knitter has translated some posts into English! Yippee.

  • Talk about Eat, Shoots, and Leaves–when I saw the banner for the Martha Poncho at Lion Brand, I thought, “Coming Home Free Pattern? Shouldn’t it be called the Coming Home But Still Under House Arrest Pattern?”