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  • oooh yeah lead me to the lights

  • What fun! Celebrate the light!

  • May your lattke’s be light and never greasy!

  • Oh no! I mean lattkes. Where did that apostrophe come from?

  • NICE! Loving it. This may be our official holidays song this year.

  • That is the funniest—
    Happy Hanukah and enjoy your Latkes-

  • Happy Hanukah! That’s hilarious! I love it when people have a bit of a sense of humor about religion, makes it so much more human.

  • EXCELLENT! Thanks for the chuckles. Now forwarding to the rest of my family. Happy Hannukah!

  • How funny. I remember playing with those when I was younger. That is tooooo cute!!!!

  • Thank you, happy hannukah to you too.

  • Happy Hanukah

  • Wishes for eight glowing nights for you too! Thanks for the smiles!

  • Loved it !!!! Yippie-chi-yo-chi-yea !!!!!!

  • love (1)

  • Too funny! I sent it to the whole family in honor of tonight!

  • This was just great! Posted to my facebook page so all my friends can see! Happy Chanukah…hope your latkes were great!

  • thanks for the link – almost as good as the ice skating cowboys!
    Happy Hanakkah!

  • Kosher Kowboys! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  • GREAT!

  • Thanks for the laughs!
    Chag sameach Chanukah!

  • That’s hilarios.

  • It’s been a while since I laughed this hard. Thanks so much!

  • This Texan Episcopalian cattle rancher laughed her candy canes off over this one. Pure brilliance! And Happy Hannukah, to all y’all.

  • Those are my boys! Yay for captain smartypants-they always make laugh:)

  • Love the Kosher Cowboy Way!!! As a good Lutheran I made Latkes for the first time and they were delicious!!! Happy Hanukkah!

  • on a similar theme — http://www.nbn.org.il/flashmob/

  • Dang, that boy can SING!

  • Dang, that boy can SING!