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  • Okay, okay!

  • ps, the link she is not working so good.

  • hmmmm…already have my calendar for next year but i went and donated a bit to oliver’s fund anyway! what a cutie! (and nice dishcloths, too…yowza)

  • Thanks Mary, I fixed the link (I think—darn Blogger!). Go forth and beget ye dishrags. xox Kay

  • Well being that I am both a dishcloth knitter and a wheelchair user, how can I not order! Thanks for the link 🙂

  • Time to shop!

  • What could be a better cause??

  • Excellent colors, useful object, good cause, who can refuse?

  • Just ordered the calendar. I think your design will make good use of the odds and ends left over from your “Mason/Dixon” washcloth – that are oh so addictive!!
    Looking forward to your cushion class in Omaha.

  • awesome & thanks for the tip. the dishcloths your made remind me of those great denyse schmidt fabrics using a similar color palette.

  • Where do you get that brown yarn? Is it Peaches (or Sugar) and Cream?
    I don’t think I’ve seen brown at Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s or AC Moore. Unless I’m wrong, and I’m cool with that. My local walmarts have crapola for cotton (but all the acrylic you could want).
    Or do you just buy coffee table-sized spindles right from the manufacturer?
    And that blue seems a lot lighter and nicer than my bright blue…