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  • Please can I be on your teacher present list ?

  • I do consider you to be MY teacher, Emma!
    But this list is strictly for Carrie & Joseph’s teachers, none of whom, historically, have shown much enthusiasm for fine handknitting. Hope springs eternal!

  • Kay–I am concerned that some Kaffenut out there is going to come after me with a number 17 needle for suggesting, even vaguely, that his designs aren’t wearable. I just mean that his designs aren’t always wearable by ME. That said, I need to get hold of this Knitting magazine, because you’ve got me intrigued.
    And as always, nothing delights me more than the perfection of a project at its nascence. I like your Noro vibe and even more the stout virtue of cooking up your colourway from stash. Positively World War II thriftiness. (For us Noro rubes, what’s the diff between Cash Iroha and Silk Garden?).
    I am loving the whole category of drapey-shoulder-things, now that Birch is clicking along. Jemima Puddleduck all the way. And in case you wonder, I still wear my pashmina every unfashionable chance I get. I feel like Clif with his blanky. He takes the edge and rolls it into a swiss cake roll, then tenderly places it under his nose. What weird lesion begins with this, I don’t know.
    x0x0x0x0x0x0 Ann

  • Ann
    Send me your postal address and I’ll send you a copy of Knitting.
    love the Noro – that’s one lucky teacher -hope she *really* appreciates your work.

  • Dear Jo, I’ll give you my address if you’ll give me yours! I’m not sure what could properly repay your generosity, but I’ll die trying . . .
    How goeth Rapunzel? You clearly need a blog so we can see!
    x0 Ann

  • Ahh Rapunzel…
    well, surprisingly little frogging, actually 🙂
    I’ve got the back & both fronts done and am currently working on sleeve no. 1 and am just past the moss stitch/lurex insert. There’s a slanting cable on either side of this insert & the stitches closest to the moss stitch haven’t got very even tension row-to-row but I don’t think you could tell unless I put it so close to your nose that the fluff on the KC made you sneeze!
    My sister announced last week that she’s getting married on the 10th October – this year (nothing like a short-notice wedding to get my mother in a right flap!) so it means that I’d like to get Rapunzel finished in time for that – otherwise it’s got to be done by the 18th October for a friend’s wedding.
    I might manage it if I don’t go out much and if BA & Finnair let me crochet on the plane (got to go to Finland for work on the 6th)… got to get that crochet thing sussed out yet though.
    As for me blogging… I fear I’m too technologically inept – might talk to a friend who is far more skilled than I am in these areas and see if she can sort out something for when I go on maternity leave though – I’ve got her knitting so she might be able to get me blogging!
    p.s. email me your snail mail address if you haven’t already & I’ll get that mag in the post and I’ll think of somthing you can reciprocate with 🙂 (I like swops)

  • No, no, no Ann – don’t apologise, don’t explain ! At the risk of being burnt at the heretics stake (no one expects the Knitting Inquisition and all that !) I too cannot wear Kaffe. I can appreciate them as things of beauty, I could even hang some of them on the wall but as garments they don’t do much for me. There, I feel cleansed and all confessional now !
    Kay – I’m not a teacher but I do work in education ? Does that count ??hmm? hmm? pretty please ?? Gorgeous colours, that is going to be one spoiled teacher !

  • hi y’all
    kay!! when are you going to knit something for me? it has been a LONG time since i got a kay knit. so, please, pretty please…!!!
    and ann, i am with you in the “love kaffe to look at but can’t wear ’em.” i even bid way too high on rowan book 7 on ebay so that i could get the pattern for “foolish virgins,” which i love but could never wear because i could not pull it off. i am 5’2″ and rather curvy. i would look terrible in one of his sweaters, even if it were knit in a petite size. i LOVE his patterns, but vision them either in a blanket, a pillow, or some kind of wall hanging. louise, our fellow rowanette looks FAB in hers…but alas, i would not. i say if you can wear ’em, do it, but if you cant, no harm in admiring them around your home.