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  • Oh, poor Olive — bereft of those chew toys. Not to worry, I’m sure she’ll find someone’s shoes to gnaw on while you are out at the post office.

  • well i didnt really expect to win and i hope olive dosent jump

  • I love your blog title! When my granddaughter was 4 yrs. old, I told her, “You’re a weiner–oops, I mean a winner” which brought on peals of laughter from her. That became our little joke saying with each other. Now that she’s a sophisticated 7-yr.=old, she just looks at me and rolls her eyes as if I’m a doddering old fool when I say it! Guess I’ll have to try that on her 3-yr.-old brother to see if it induces any laughter with him.
    Olive needs a knitted/felted dog bed. Just sayin’………
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Okay – Olive keeps getting cuter…Aren’t there laws against such things?

  • Hey Olive, you can come visit anytime! My sister has 3 big puppies you can come play with, too!

  • Love your quilt! More pictures please, pretty please?

  • Completely STOKED!!! Thanks so much. 🙂

  • Wow. Olive is definitely such a cutie even when in hang dog pose (no downward dog for her).

  • I tried so hard to persuade my conservative husband into a Utilikilt. I even found a guy on the street wearing one and sent him in to show my husband how attractive and airy it is – nope.

  • Olive is adorable.

  • Oh, Olive! The ears, the ears!

  • You can swing by Seattle anytime you want to see more men in Utilikilts. We’re lousy with them.

  • Aw, shucks. I never win ANYthing!!! But that little Olive is just about the most adorable tiny-pup ever! 🙂 The ears just melt my heart!

  • Yeah, I’m with the others. You could pretty much make this all Olive, all the time and I’d be perfectly happy. And I’m not even a dog person.

  • I sincerely hope that Olive’s head-to-body ratio NEVER changes.

  • I lost another contest?–Don’t jump, indeed!
    OK, the Olive pics help a lot to soften the blow (a WHOLE lot). I mean, look at that sad little face, and how her little left rear paw is turned ‘just so’, and all…cute as can be!
    But maybe she’s lonely for some non-human friends; it could be time to meet the feline cousins in Nashville…
    Road Trip!

  • Her tail CURLS!!!!!!

  • i can’t wait to live in an apartment that allows pets – she’s adorable!

  • I always found it amazing when our dog was a pup that she could fly up on to the bed with ease, but always had that same look Olive does “claiming” that she needed help getting off!! I guess if I were that height I’d be afraid to, but just sayin’ Congrats to the winners.

  • Don’t know about the books, but Olive is sure a cutie!

  • Don’t know about the books, but Olive is sure a cutie!

  • Ah, the lack of kilts. But this is what I shall forever think of whenever I hear the word “kilt”:

  • Was watching The Dog Whisperer recently, Cesar Millan has/had four puppies, all different breeds.
    When he feeds them, he then crates them for 30 minutes, and THEN takes them out for the bathroom break. Trying to emphasize the special sacrosanctness of that moment, don’t you know. Thought it sounded like a plan. Good luck with housebreaking, this too shall pass. Olive’s a dollbaby. I can remember our “Babe” who grew to 60+ pounds, being completely flummoxed as a baby by one step down the patio…

  • OMG…that dog is so flippin cute!

  • oh, cutest puppy! your ears are too big!
    I have to say..it’s really nice having a skirty-boy of my own 😉

  • Olive is the cutest-doggie-eh-vah!