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  • You’re a sweet little nerdy person aren’t you?
    I love it! My daughter married a sweet little nerdy person (she is a little bit of a nerd herself) – we just love him! Congratulations on your win & the win for the Mercy Corps efforts! Bravo!

  • Just finished my first block last night! I’ll take a pic and post it on my rav project page! Thanks for such an inspiring pattern.

  • The whole spirit of the Mitered Crosses project is so wonderful. Thank you for this latest lovely piece of encouragement. My sock-yarn square is happy to participate in the contest!

  • Well, I’m certainly glad you gave us the formula. But aren’t you worried that now everyone will be able to guess the beans in the jar at the carnival, and there will be multiple countoffs to get it down to the last BeanCounter?

  • My yarn has been packed up since March 25th (except for current projects, of course)! We though we were going to move on the 1st, but it’s been pushed back to the 12th!
    I wonder if I can bend my “no opening packed boxes” rule juuuust this once…

  • who got to eat the m&m’s?!

  • Once upon a time I could have solved this equation. Darn you real world and your lack of use of differential equations.

  • Of course, one would expect superior mathematics intellect from a Davidson grad! You go, girl!

  • I never understood the quadratic equation…this is way beyond me 🙁 sigh.

  • I won a bottle of wine using that exact formula! (Actually I think I won because I was the only person in that part of California brave enough to put my guess into kilograms.)
    That prize is much nicer than a bottle of wine — I think we had to buy dinner at that restaurant to even get the wine, so it was sort of giving with one hand and taking with the other…
    Anyhoo, lovely. Too bad I am not making a blanket or I would win for sure!

  • Casting on tonight with my LYS! We are having pattern support for anyone who has purchased the pattern from you guys! Which means I need to get mine started and understood before I can help others with it! Thanks for doing this.

  • Can you please come over and help my daughter with her Algebra homework tonight?!

  • Riemann formula!

  • That is a great prize! I am knitting my blanket with sock yarn, so I should try to get my first square started.
    I did bring Albers on my vacation, so I did nothing but garter stitch. It was glorious though lacking in mitres.

  • Ohhhh, now I’m even more tempted to start one! Still, with a baby due literally ANYTIME I’d better stick to whipping out burp cloths and booties for now. A blanket may not be the best project to start on the eve of labor! LOL!

  • I honestly thought you were making up that equation thingie but people seem to be believing it, raising their hands and naming it and stuff like that. Next time we write a pattern you are doing all the size grading, smarty pants.
    And I think you forgot the BUY NOW button. I don’t go anywhere these days without my BUY NOW button.
    Good luck blanketeers!!!!!
    xoxoxo Kay

  • And also. Craig Ferguson would have said,
    “I GOT LUCKY! And I also won something.”
    Just a tip for more piquancy in yer blogging.

  • as a mathematician, i must ask: it that the natural logarithm or the common log?

  • FYI – I once worked a table at a carnival with a jar of candy (assorted sizes & types) and the grad students guessed the number of pieces for a chance to win (the jar of candy). However, since they were all engineering students, some really were trying to work out a forumla!!!

  • I just started last night! I’m waiting for the 11 skeins of Noro Kuryeon 211 I managed to score yesterday and so I cast-on. I’m using every pair of size 6 needles I have so I can keep going with the result that it now looks like something out of one of Cat Bordhi’s books. It’s probably going to end up on my daughter’s bed, so I’m starting with some bolder colors (90) and moving into the muted shades later. I’ll have to see how it looks!
    My trick for scoring the yarn was to go start on page 7 or 8 of my google search and it seemed to be helpful for scoring more than one skein at a time. It’s starting to get hard to find these neutrals and I’m going to have to hunt down a couple more from Ravelry, although I think I’ll stop at 12.

  • What’s the contest for lazy butts who are slogging through a sweater from last winter?

  • OK, for those of us who couldn’t get calculus, can someone explain it in plain english????

  • It made me sad for several seconds that I can no longer work such formulas, then I realized that I really don’t care since they have no place in my little world and there are people who are more than happy to work them on my behalf — saves me time for more thoughts about knitting. However, congratulations on winning the prize! I’ve been looking for an excuse to use Knit One Purl Two’s Ty Dy Wool, so I’m more than delighted to give it a try for this cause!

  • What you really need is to find out how to get them to GIVE you the M&Ms. No Knitter, freshly armed with fiber goodies can be sustained without chocolate.

  • I don’t think I could have a meaningful conversation with anyone who understands that formula!
    Will get started on my Mitered Crosses squares tomorrow. Must do my income tax return tonight or I’ll soon be knitting in some Federal penitentiary.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Duuuh, so gobsmacked by the formula that I meant Knit One Crochet Too . . .

  • Duuuh . . . so gobsmacked by the formula that I meant to say Knit One Crochet Too.

  • And your secret is still safe! What a hoot!

  • You sure know how to get those cameras out! This project just keeps getting better.

  • Do the log thingies stand for log cabins?

  • My daughter does well in Calculus but she does not love it. Perhaps pointing out this nifty real world application will do the trick. Awaiting my Kureyon 211 although my LYS has 2 lonely skeins of Silk Garden 269.

  • I’ve been admiring the pattern for a couple of weeks and still can’t get the “buy now” button to give me a non paypal option. It is either log in to an existing paypal (which I do not have) or create a paypal account (which I do not want). Is there another way to purchase that I’m not seeing?
    Many thanks, and wonderful job on that donation total!

  • Congratulations, and thanks for your generosity. (Oh, and if you had you actually won the chocolate, rather than the fiber-y goodies, I hope that you would have kept it!)
    Also, I echo what Marie says about the mitered squares pattern:
    “still can’t get the ‘buy now’ button to give me a non paypal option. It is either log in to an existing paypal (which I do not have) or create a paypal account (which I do not want). Is there another way to purchase that I’m not seeing?”
    I would appreciate knowing this as well. Thanks again.

  • Also, responding to what ponka said: “Riemann formula!:
    Ah, yes, but Riemann-Hurwitz, or Riemann-Siegel, or something else Riemannian?
    (As if I’d ever heard of Bernhard Riemann before today…) : )

  • Hi all:
    As of now I don’t know how to get any non PayPal option for payment. I am just going with the off-the-rack Ravelry system, which has the advantage of being easy enough to set up that I was able to do it.
    If there are any other Ravelry sellers out there reading this, and you know how I can create another payment option, please let me know; I’d appreciate it.

  • If I knit 5 squares and have posted 3 times, can I have 15 entries to win? I know there aren’t any Greek symbols involved but there is logic –

  • The sum is OVER the non trivial zeros of the zeta function. Now I get it!

  • How funny, that’s the same formula I use to estimate if I have enough scrap yarn to finish my mitered square block.
    The answer so far has been “no” every time – but that makes for Gee’s Bendier blanketage.

  • all that math from a woman who says she does not cross craft and cannot crochet LOL

  • Woo hoo. You just gave me the last bit of encouragement needed to cast on tonight. My hubby was checking our Paypal account this weekend and asked, “What is this $5 to ‘Bigbonedgal’?!” Hee hee… not sure what he thought I was buying there.

  • I recognize that formula!!!! It’s the formula for “Wild Guess” 🙂

  • Love the pattern! I downloaded it a week or so ago and cast on last night. I’m looking forward to many more.
    My DD#1 is a math junkie too. 🙂

  • I love the Mitered Crosses pattern. The pattern is wonderful and easy, and the cause is wonderful. Total knitting Win-Win. On my second block, and my project is already in Ravelry.

  • Don’t be silly, in cylindrical geometry there are no points of discontinuity for the Zeta function

  • There’s a great video (featuring a cute guy with an Australian accent) that scientifically explains how to guess the number of m&ms in a jar. It’s here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtjD3mRrVT4.

  • Kay, I so want this pattern that I was going to take the subway in from jersey and hang out at purl soho or knittycitty hoping to see you and hand you five dollars just to get it. But then I decided that was just a little too much crazy.

  • Okay, I’m on a business trip after a move so can’t possibly cast on and win, but I love the post!!

  • $8,500??? That’s awesome!!! : )

  • Whew! and thank you for the formula. I applied it to my check book and for the first time in history, my check register matched the bank statement balance. I can’t get along without you!

  • I love this pattern and am excited about the idea of lots of knitters making the blanket at the same time. I decided on a yarn, cast on, and posted my project in Ravelry. Can’t wait to see more and more of those beautiful blankets coming along! Thank you for doing this.

  • Just posted the picture of my first completed square!