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  • I am crazy about The Gates. Christo goes from wrapping to flapping. Love it!
    Let’s all volunteer to make scribble lace for the panels–could mean some serious de-stashing in 2005.
    BTW, what would felted scribble lace look like? Give it a shot, Ann?

  • Love the little bag – now I know what to do with all the leftover Lamb’s Pride Bulky from my felted clogs! 😉 Thanks for writing about how you did it!

  • I am going out right now to buy the yarn to make me a bag like yours. my first foray into felting. thank you so much for sharing your pattern and encouragement.
    I love your blog!

  • Kay, the bag is way cool and I think I want to make one!
    But, am I just reading it wrong, or do your instructions for the initial increase rows actually describe decreases?
    And were the increases to make the oval bottom — increasing from 3 stitches to 9 — done on every row? That’s what the wonderful up-close pre-felting photo looks like to me.
    And is it one skein of each color?
    What a *great* purse, and how kind you are to share your instructions with us!

  • …. clever little buttonhole opening….you inspire us so, dear kay…..is this wee tote making an appearance at the opera, perhaps?….lovely!

  • The bag looks fabulous, and the teacup is very helpful, scalewise.

  • Awesome bag! I may give it a try depending upon how my French market bag turns out. I’m fearful of felting.

  • Fab bag ! Felting queen.

  • Love your buttonhole bag. However, the “increases” you described are really decreases. Since you knit in the round, are you doing two increases right next to each other or are there some stitches between them, however you do increases? Ditto for the top decreases.

  • Hmm, I think MaryB is right, you’ve given us decrease instructions unless my wine-sozzled mind has completely lost it (just back from night out with friends, you understand). Should it be M1, K1, K into F & B of next st, K1, M1. with the ‘K into F & B of next st ‘ centered on the middle st of the initial ‘cast on 3’ and final cast off 3’at each end? or similar to produce same results?…. squiffed of London. x.
    Utterley fab bag – love it. Want one (or several, that I can fit my filofax into. Can’t leave home without filofax, life contained within…)
    It says something that even after night out with dear friends I have to look up latest post on M-D Knitting before bed….

  • what a cute bag!

  • Watch out Kate Spade!!
    Fab bag, Kay…thanx for sharing the *recipe*
    My Manos FMB is felting as we speak…never felted Manos before and I’m a lil nervous…think good thoughts for me, oh felting Goddess!! 🙂

  • Oh Kay. First you go after my anti-blocking tendencies, and now you clearly won’t rest until you’ve pulled me into the felting thing, will you?
    So far I’m safe…the thing I’m more than a little intrigued about is that fab Nicky Epstein bag in the new Vogue Knitting. I was seriously considering buying the yarn for it, and then some little sensible inner voice (that I have not been able to totally eradicate) reminded me that the total cost of the yarn would be about the same as buying a very nice bag in a very nice department store. All made and everything. Hm. Even my “joy of the craft” philosophy had to stop and mull that one over.
    But all your cute bags are clearly having some effect. Maybe felting just makes more sense when it is -12?

  • Dear Everybody Who Achieved the 99th Percentile on the Reading Comprehension portion of the SAT: YES! YES! I said increase, and then I told you to decrease. This was very WRONG. So I went back and fixed it to ‘M1, K1, M1’. You do paired increases, and then later, in the same spots, you do paired decreases, which give the bag its flat, curved shape.
    And Evelyn, you are right. I will not rest until you felt. It is no coincidence that I was felting last January around this time, and then abstained from felting until now. It is a seasonal ritual, standing in front of the washing machine, feeling hopeful.
    Cheerio everybody. If you make a Buttonhole Bag, would you send me a picture? xoxo Kay

  • Y’all, be nice to Kay because she has been staying up very late staring at her washing machine in a glassy-eyed way wondering if her knitsperiments are going to come out right. She’s at the point where it’s decrease, increase, schmincrease whatever just get that thing into the dryer willya?
    I for one am still so hornswaggled by the tiny final size of the French Market Bag that I haven’t even moved on to consider the Buttonhole Bag thingie. From what I can tell, the French Market Bag is just the sort of item a gal would cram full of knitting, take along as she wanders around the findings district for an hour looking for just the right button, and end up at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station, blabbing the night away about saucy days gone by.
    Ah, we should all have such fabby life-styles, eh? We can all dream.

  • Oh, and CRISTINA–I had the same thought about knitting big open panels for Christo and Jeanne-Claude–but 2500 of them? When I read about this project for the first time, I had just gotten my copy of Debbie New’s Unexpected Knitting, and the Gates seemed to me exactly the same sort of thing as Debbie’s labyrinth of conception and birth. Only Debbie’s, being knitted, seems even more wonderful to me. Wish they would install something like THAT in Central Park. Ann has tasked me to go get as many of the 1 million pieces of Gates Cloth that they will be handing out, first come, first served, as I can. I will try, I promise. xoxo Kay

  • how cute!

  • Kay- like Evelyn, I was also perusing the new Vogue knitting. However, I was struck by the Koigu Patchwork Pants on p78. Oh, Queen of the Mitered Square, your loyal subjects can’t hardly wait to see your take on that pattern. Will you be sportin’ cotton mitered square clam diggers as you sit-n-knit on your mitered square beach blankie this summer by the shore? Wool mitered square pants as you trudge thru the snow? Cashmerino mitered square lounging trousers as you … well…. lounge? Oh, the possibilities!!

  • Tish–LOL. Clam-diggers, oh my! Did you see the hip-hugger elephant-legs in Knit.1? Made out of some super-spongy yarn? I mean, RILLY!!!??
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Vogue. xoxo Kay

  • I so want a Buttonhole bag, yours is fab!! Do I have any appropriate yarn in my stash I wonder? Guess who will be rummaging through the stash tonight for inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your design.

  • great bag! thanks for sharing the pattern. i think it’s extremely funky and downtowny.

  • What a dinky little bag ! I love it :0)
    Thanks for the tip on shaving the fluff – alledgedly. It could lend a whole new aspect to our regular “have you shaved your g^&*%$m legs with MY razor AGAIN ?” discussions !
    Heather x

  • oh… kay…. everyone needs a “pound ‘o love!”….i think that’s what i’ll call this xtra holiday weight….grr…..

  • Need the pattern for buttonhole bag and cant find it on Ravelry o4 your blog. Thanks, karenMoss at [email protected]