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  • I thought I’d seen that scarf before when I got the card! Wooo-ee!

  • You don’t need a bishop–any priest could wear it on Palm Sunday or any day celebrating a martyr (‘martyr’ means witness, not just the witnesses who were ripped apart by lions, hanged, decapitated, or whatever), or best yet, at his/her ordination.
    I won’t forward the photo to my woman priest–she’d ask me to track it down and steal it.

  • 🙂 I can’t wait to knit for the red scarf project this year!!! Sadly, I missed the boat last year and I’ve been throwing a tantrum about it! 🙂

  • That’s so funny!
    I was looking through my photos yesterday, trying to find that Pebbles picture, and I came across an entire series of projects I do not remember making. There are pictures of them, right there, but Clif’s dragon vest? Forgotten! The scarf made with soy silk? Really forgotten! And other ones, too. I can’t believe this. Senile at such a tender age.

  • LOL, I have that card with the sheep kntting it’s own fleece right off it’s body in my office.
    See how nice the scarf was? Good job!

  • sweet. thank-you notes are so great!

  • I think I need to build a mosaic shrine for Kaffe Fasset.

  • I got my thank you card too, and was so excited to see actual students/young adults wearing some of the scarves! Your scarf is lovely, Kay.

  • Norma is ‘da bomb’ when it comes to charity knitting. Go Norma!

  • Oh man, that’s funny! It’s like not recognizing your own kid. How could you?! :p

  • KAFFE!! I just came from a knitting guild meeting where the REGIA rep showed us a sock made from Kaffe’s new regia sock yarn line! GORGEOUS! Can barely wait for that. lots of color, no pesky ends.

  • charity is the best motivater.
    I do it all week at Graceful Stitches Yarn Shop, we are non profit for cancer realted causes.
    We recently got your book, and log cabin fever is raging.

  • Wow! Neat!

  • Too cool…

  • Isn’t that the coolest thing?! Congratulations! What a compliment. I would sit there wondering… Hmm… what other scarfs were in contention for the postcard photo?? And mine WON?! Cool!

  • I saw that mitered square and wondered if Kay had something to do with it. And then I thought, no, that’s ridiculous- other people knit mitered squares too!
    Guess not…

  • Because you’re a bad-a**, that’s why.
    Yeah, and how much do I love it that Ann has completely forgotten hand-knits from not that long ago? That’s another reason to slog-along, I guess – you’ll think fondly of all those things you’ve knit and finished. And you’ll never forget your slog, right?

  • I, too, recognized the scarf, just couldn’t remember who had crafted it. It is gorgeous and obviously appreciated.

  • I wanted to give my own close encounter with Kaffe Fassett. I was on vacation in Big Sur, California last week and stopped in a little restaurant and shop. Some knitting caught my eye and there before me were several sweaters and blankets by Kaffe Fassett. I gasped and nearly swooned. Apparently the restaurant had been owned by his parents (his sister still is around and had several handknits for sale in surrounding stores). The work was beautiful and colors fantastic. I loved looking at the wrong sides with all the weaving, neat and otherwise. My husband thought I was crazy, but smiled and nodded along with my ravings on and on. The restaurant is Nepenthe’s in Big Sur. Great Views!

  • How cool is that!!!

  • Kay dear darling don’t you think that is why you got the card??

  • “A Miter and a Dream” — I think you’ve got the title for your next book!

  • Yeah, baby. I recognized your scarf too!!
    WWND…..I’m still laughing. I love youse guys. XO

  • Holy miters Batman! Your scarf hit the big time!

  • It looks even more lovely in use!!!!

  • Did someone say miter?!

  • dear kay i have my thank you card from the orphan
    project the write up in one of last years magazines brought me to this site and on to others
    i have a box for warm up america to send off
    guess i will put in a big stash of yarn and
    knit in a state of panic during hurricane season
    i live florida love the photos come from up north

  • …..I remember telling you that every pastor I knew would gladly whap that puppy on for Pentecost…May 27th is just around the corner!!!

  • I saw that mitered scarf in the “Thank you” mailing and wished I could see the rest of it. Little did I know my wish would be granted so soon!

  • How cool is that? I got mine today too and wanted to cry all over again. I eventually, I’ll find who made every scarf! What a great idea! A bulletin board for knit memorabilia! I promise, I won’t tell the family where I got the idea ;D

  • Love that bulletin board idea!

  • Thanks for writing about receiving a ‘thank you card’ from the Red Scarf Project. (I wasn’t expecting to get anything) I found out about the project about 2 weeks before the deadline- but, still managed to knit 2 scarves to mail to them. *I also had my 3rd grade students create special cards that I sent along to be included w/ my scarves and other scarves that they would receive from other knitters.
    I also decided to knit some scarves throughout the year.. so, I can send more next year.
    I actually just spent 10 days in the hospital for pneumonia and I finally found the energy to start knitting on one the last day that I was in the hospital and I am happy to report that it is finally finished while I continued to recover at home and wasn’t working.

  • Ah, a liturgical pun! a miter, or mitre, is the headgear that marks a bishop or other prelate (think the Pope’s pointy hat). Lovely scarf, and the recipient also things so!

  • You know, I checked out that card very closely to see if I could see one of my scarves. And I thought that one looked familiar. It must have been so cool to recognize it!

  • WWND!?!? still laughing over that. I did the red scarf project this year for the first time and can’t wait for next year’s collection. Was fun to try new patterns and see what everyone else knit.

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