Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (Comfortably) —Join Us For A Year of Techniques

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  • Getting ready to be brave and cast on my mouse today! Of course, I was informed the body had to be blue ‘because that’s my favorite color’, says my 4 year old grand daughter. Therefore, we are knitting up the same color scheme it seems.

  • I’m impress you can knit with wood #1s without snapping them. I used to knit socks with them, I had to switch to metal.

    Thanks for the tip on TML That has been my suspicion, and has held me back. I don’t know Jill’s yarn but I’m thinking that the Twist Tosh in fingering might be better for a sweater.

    Love your ‘lil Alex.

  • Please keep posting about the Relax. I’m slogging through it – 7 cm’s away from the short rows. I started it just after you finished your first.

    • Yes! I did the Worsted Boxy because of the large needle but would love a lighter weight Relax. How does one get through the slog of endless stockinette?

      • Stockinette is terrible for knitting without distraction. But it’s wonderful for knitting while you are talking on the phone, on a conference call, watching a British detective story or endless episodes of West Wing. You don’t even realize you’re knitting after a while.

  • Hunh – when I need relief from the baby blanket I’m knitting on size 10.5 circs, I turn to my sock – being knit on size 1 DPNs!

  • I can’t wait to start my little rodent, but I’m still working on my colorwash scarf, and I refuse to start yet another project until it’s done!!!!!

  • I love the color you’re using for Relax! And last night, with Alex’s head and about 25% of his body, I decided the colors were wrong (the two colors on his sweater didn’t contrast enough). And instead of just changing one of those colors and ripping back to his neck, I started all over with 3 different colors!